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Oreion Reeper Street Legal States 2024

Oreion Reeper Street Legal States 2024

What States is the Oreion Reeper Street Legal?

The Oreion Reeper can sometimes be classified as a UTV and sometimes an ATV. To be able to be driven on the road, it must be first considered street-legal in the state. Known laws are listed below—note, however, that laws may change at any time and additional local/county-level restrictions may exist. Interested parties are encouraged to confirm legality with local authorities.

  • Alabama: Classified as off-road vehicles and cannot be used on public highways.
  • Alaska: Can be operated on roads posted for off-highway vehicle use. Must adhere to all motor vehicle safety standards and be properly insured, registered, and titled. Helmets required.
  • Arizona: Must be registered as a vehicle and obtain a decal every year. Needs a title, an insurance policy and to pass a safety and admissions test.
  • Arkansas: Are permitted as long as it meets the state's street legal requirements. Must be registered with the Arkansas Department of Revenue. Upon registration, the OHV will be assessed and the owner will be charged a “one time” fee of approximately $10 for title, registration and a decal that will be placed permanently on the OHV.
  • California: Can only be used as an off-road vehicle and is not permitted on public highways.
  • Colorado: Does not recognize ATVs or UTVs, only classifies them as "four-wheelers" for off-road use only.
  • Connecticut: Can be used off-road only, but may cross over streets that are not limited-access highways. It also requires a license.
  • Delaware: Not allowed on public highways unless it is during a special event or not being driven.
  • Florida: Not allowed unless a special permit is given, only able to be used by law enforcement within the scope of their duty.
  • Georgia: ATVs and UTVS cannot be driven on any public roads, but can be used on clearly marked roads and trails off-road.
  • Hawaii: Must be equipped with a USFS approved spark arrestor. Cannot be considered motor vehicles and can only be used as farm equipment or on official business (city, county, state, federal).
  • Idaho: Permitted on public roads with a sticker, valid driver’s license, insurance, and a restricted use vehicle plate. Cannot be used on federal or state highways or interstates.
  • Illinois: Permitted on public roads or highways if you are momentarily crossing. Special traffic laws apply.
  • Indiana: Must be titled and registered for off-road use. There are rules per county that may allow users to ride on public roads.
  • Iowa: May only be used on state highways. ATVs and UTVs cannot travel on-road on interstates or four-lane roads.
  • Kansas: Cannot be driven on public roads or within city limits. It must be registered and have lights on it if it will be driven after dark.
  • Kentucky: Cannot be operated on any roadway or public highway
  • Louisiana: Can only be used for off-road purposes and cannot be used on any public highways or roadways. During daylight hours they can drive on the shoulder of public roads.
  • Maine: Must be properly registered and cannot be used on any public highways or roadways unless they are labeled as “ATV Access Routes”
  • Maryland: Can only be used for agricultural purposes and does not need to be registered if it is used only on owner's property.

Massachusetts: Can only be used off-road or on public roads ONLY if crossing a road. Special traffic laws apply. You may use public roads for up to 4 miles if you are traveling to or from off-roading areas

  • Michigan: Must follow regulations to make vehicle street legal: appropriate tires, bumpers, seat belts, mirrors, lights, and windshields. Also must obtain an Off-Road Vehicle License.
  • Minnesota: Can only be used on the shoulder of public roads if permitted by law enforcement, and must be used as an off-road vehicle.
  • Mississippi: Not allowed on public roads.
  • Missouri: Require a title and registration, and can only be driven on the highway for agricultural or government use. Limited to 30mph.
  • Montana: Permitted on certain roads, determined on a county-by-county basis. May be made street legal through official state process.
  • Nebraska: Largely can only be used for agricultural purposes on the shoulder of the road. Limited to daylight hours.
  • Nevada: Not allowed on public roads even with proper safety equipment.
  • New Hampshire: Not allowed on public roads unless otherwise permitted.
  • New Jersey: Allowed without a license but must be registered. ATVs and UTVs are allowed for off-road use only. Operator must be at least 14 and carry registration and proof of insurance.
  • New Mexico: Must purchase OHV registration decals and can only operate on authorized roads.
  • New York: Only allowed on public roads if they are designated for ATVs and UTVs. The New York DMV recommends against crossing a highway unless absolutely necessary
  • North Carolina: Street legal when properly outfitted.
  • North Dakota: Allowed on paved roads with posted speed limits less than 55 MPH with proper license and permit.
  • Ohio: Must have a license and permit to legally ride the berm of most roads (excluding most highways).
  • Oklahoma: Must be registered like a typical vehicle and the driver must have a valid driver’s license. Can only be used to make a direct roadway crossing
  • Oregon: Cannot be street legal. ATVs and UTVs can only be driven on gravel roads and other areas open to ATVs, and drivers must have a permit.
  • Pennsylvania: Not allowed on public roads and must be registered.
  • Rhode Island: Not allowed on public roads and must be registered.
  • South Carolina: Allowed but must adhere to street legality. Cannot be used on highways.
  • South Dakota: Not allowed on public streets, highways, or in a highway ditch
  • Tennessee: Not allowed on highways, but are allowed on county roads
  • Texas: Allowed on public roads for less than 25 miles if used by a farmer or rancher. ATVs and UTVs must have brakes, a muffler, headlights, and taillights.
  • Utah: Can be driven on public roads if it is titled, registered, properly equipped, and driven by a licensed driver
  • Vermont: Not allowed on public roads except for those specifically designated for ATV use.
  • Virginia: Not allowed on public roads and must be registered.
  • Washington: Allowed on roads with speed limits less than 35 MPH. Can cross roads w/ speed limit of 60 mph or less.
  • West Virginia: Can only cross public roadways
  • Wisconsin: Not allowed on interstates, but can be permitted on state highways with local DOT approval
  • Wyoming: After obtaining a multipurpose vehicle permit and displaying it on your vehicle, ATVs and UTVs can be driven on any public road in the state except for interstate highways.

Oreion Reeper Street Legal States 2024

  • Traffic laws may change at any time. Prospective owners are advised to confirm legality with local authorities, as data shown should not be considered legally authoritative.

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Oreion Reaper Street Legal
Additional Details
HawaiiPermit Required
All off-highway vehicles (OHV) must be equipped with a USFS approved spark arrestor. State supports ...
IowaPermit Required
ATVs, ORMs, and side-by-sides no wider than 65" are allowed to operate at the park. Park is open yea...
MarylandPermit Required
UTVs and ATVs are not permitted to be operated on public roads except for agricultural purposes and ...
OregonPermit Required
An ATV Operating Permit is required if vehicle is to be operated on lands open to ATV use. The price...
ConnecticutLicense Required
In Connecticut, ATV and UTV operation on public streets is generally prohibited. However, individual...
GeorgiaLicense Required
Georgia law requires any motorized vehicle operating on public roadways to be licensed, have proper ...
IndianaLicense Required
Indiana law requires that the operator must possess a valid driver's license, the vehicle must have ...
New HampshireLicense Required
Operation is prohibited on public roads unless specifically permitted and posted for OHRV or snowmob...
North DakotaLicense Required
ATV's and UTV's are legal to drive on public roadways in the State of South Dakota. However, they ar...
OklahomaLicense Required
In 2021, the Oklahoma legislature passed a law that makes UTVs street legal, but users must have a d...
South DakotaLicense Required
ATV’s and UTV’s are legal to drive on public roadways in the state of South Dakota. However, they mu...
VermontLegal (limited approval)
Most public lands are not approved for ATV use in Vermont. However, one may legally operate on any p...
MissouriLegal (agricultural purposes only)
Vehicle may be used for agricultural purposes between sunrise and sunset, but driver must have a val...
NebraskaLegal (agricultural purposes only)
Nebraska only allows UTVs and other off-highway vehicles to be driven on public roads for crossing p...
Vehicle must conform to all of Alaska's motor vehicle safety standards and be properly insured, regi...
An Arizona resident who does not have complete documentation for issuance of a title or registration...
All three and four-wheeled off-highway vehicles must be registered with the Arkansas Department of R...
Beginning on January 1, 2009, owners of off-highway motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs will be required to b...
Michigan is one of few states where a UTV can be made street legal through an official state process...
Montana is one of few states where a UTV can be made street legal through an official state process.
New JerseyLegal
No permit or license required to operate an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in New Jersey. However, the ve...
New MexicoLegal
New Mexico residents must purchase OHV registration decals from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Th...
North CarolinaLegal
As of October 1, 2021, most properly outfitted UTVs became street legal in North Carolina.
UTVs and other off-highway vehicles in Ohio can drive on the berm or shoulder of local and rural roa...
May be operated as a street-legal ATV as long as it is titled, registered, properly equipped, and dr...
Legal on roads w/ speed limit up to 35 mph. A person operating a UTV or ATV may cross a public roadw...
West VirginiaLegal
West Virginia allows UTVs and some other off-highway vehicles to register as street-legal Special Pu...
Multipurpose vehicles shall not be operated on interstate highways.
It is illegal for the general public to drive an OHV on Alabama roads.
A vehicle designed and manufactured for off-highway use may not be operated on a California highway.
Off-highway vehicles not allowed on streets or highways in Colorado.
OHVs may not be operated on public streets or highways, and the rider must have the permission of th...
District of ColumbiaIllegal
ATVs and dirt bikes are illegal to ride on public streets in the District of Columbia
ATVs and UTVs are prohibited on all other public roads, streets, and highways.
Must title UTV or ATV for operation off road and UTV s and ATVs are not permitted on public streets,...
Kansas does not permit UTV s and ATVs on public roads and highways or inside city limits. Vehicles m...
From 2021 to 2024, Kentucky is running an OHV Pilot Program that allows qualifying off-highway vehic...
An off-road vehicle is any vehicle manufactured for off-road use. The vehicle is issued a manufactur...
Cannot operate a UTV or ATV on public roads, streets, or highways.
It is not possible to register a UTV in Massachusetts as a regular street legal vehicle. However, Ma...
UTV or ATV on public lands and they are not permitted on public roads, streets, and highways.
No ATV/ORV allowed on any public road open to licensed motorized vehicles or on power line/pipeline ...
If a vehicle was manufactured and designated for “off-road” or “non-road” use only, it may not be dr...
New YorkIllegal
ATVs are illegal to operate anywhere in New York State except on one's own property unless covered b...
Pennsylvania requires UTV or ATV owners to get a title and registration to operate and may not be dr...
Rhode IslandIllegal
Rhode Island an ATV must be registered with the Director of Natural Resources for an annual fee of $...
South CarolinaIllegal
In South Carolina UTV s and ATVs is not permissible to ride on highways
While Tennessee does allow off-highway vehicles to drive on rural roads, it is not possible to regis...
UTVs and other off-highway vehicles may use some public roads in Texas in limited circumstances, but...
UTVs and ATVs have to have a title and cannot be operated on the highway in Virginia except to cross...
Many of Wisconsin’s rural roads are open to off-highway vehicles. Approved roads statewide, designat...
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