Pet Fennec Fox Legal States 2022

What States Is It Legal to Keep a Pet Fennec Fox?

A Fennec Fox is a wild animal that requires special care if it is to be kept as a pet. Because this animal could pose a danger to people, many states have banned Fennec Foxes as exotic pets. Several states, including Minnesota, Nevada, Missouri, and Washington, have banned Fennec Foxes as pets, even with permitting and licensing.

Other states permit the Fennec Fox, pending the right permitting is obtained. States like Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Texas will allow people to keep Fennec Foxes as pets if they have the proper permits, licenses, or health certificates for the animals. In Florida, pet owners will need to acquire a Class III permit to keep a Fennec Fox as a pet. In New York, the Fennec Fox is specifically listed as a suitable companion animal.

Yet other states in the US will allow Fennec Foxes without any special permitting or licensing. These states include Arkansas, Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

Can Fennec Foxes Make Good Pets?

While the Fennec Fox certainly looks adorable and cuddly, this is a wild animal with a personality all its own. Fennec Foxes have great energy, are incredibly loud, and don't like to be handled or cuddled. Most Fennec Foxes have a personality like a cat; extremely independent with a hunter mindset. For most people, the Fennec Fox is not a good pet. Still, for those drawn to the adorable fox antics, the Fennec Fox could be a good pet with the right environment to thrive.

How Should I Care for a Fennec Fox?

Diet is essential for a healthy and happy Fennec Fox. Although it can be challenging to replicate Fennec Fox's wild diet, you'll want to try to provide a high-protein diet for your pet. Raw and cooked meats, frozen feeder mice, and the occasional egg are the best way to keep your pet fox healthy. Try to avoid giving your Fennec Fox commercial-produced cat food. Although it can sustain your fox, this isn't the most natural approach.

Provide your Fennec Fox with the right cage and housing to keep your pet comfortable and safe. While keeping your fox in a suitably sized cage for some portion of the day is acceptable, they'll need plenty of time to exercise and play outside the cage to burn off some energy. A small cat carrier can work well when transporting your fox to the veterinarian. There have been mixed reviews about training a Fennec Fox to use a litter box, but most people have been mainly unsuccessful.

Pet Fennec Fox Legal States 2022