Scariest Bridge by State 2023

Bridges are pathways or passages that ferry people and vehicles from one side to another. In the U.S., there are more than 614,387 bridges, some of which have been thought of as the scariest ones in the world.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge- Virginia and Maryland

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge in Maryland is thought to be the scariest bridge due to its length. This bridge is over seventeen miles long and connects two states. It goes over water, as many bridges do, but it also goes underwater. It also has narrow lanes to drive on.

Many drivers refuse to drive across this bridge, citing panic attacks, loss of vehicle control, and vision tunneling. Here’s a lineup of the scariest bridge by state.

Captain William Moore Bridge - Alaska

Located in Skagway, Alaska, Captain William Moore Bridge spans over 300 feet in height. Besides its enormous height, the bridge is built over an active earthquake, making it even scarier to drive or walk over. This bridge was rebuilt in 2019, but it is still quite scary.

Because the ground underneath shifts frequently, and without a secure structure, it can get frightening to go over the 110-foot-long bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge - California

The bridge stands 220 feet above the water and is 1.7 miles long, making it one of the largest bridges in the United States. Those who aren’t afraid of heights might be scared by the bridge’s history. It Is said that the bridge is haunted by people who had jumped from it to their deaths.

Mackinac Bridge - Michigan

The old bridge dates back to 1957 when it was opened. Dubbed the Mighty Mac, the Mackinac Bridge is one of the longest in the United States at 26,372 feet long.

Besides its length, the bridge adds to the fear factor because it is a suspension bridge. It can shift over 35 feet from side to side when it’s incredibly windy. However, if you can get over the fear, it has the most beautiful views as it connects cities and Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas.

Which Are The Highest Bridges?

Because fear of heights is one of the most common phobias, looking at the scariest bridges might also include the four highest ones in the United States. The highest bridges span over 900 feet. They include:

  • Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado: 956 feet high
  • Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Memorial Bridge in Nevada and Arizona: 900 feet high

Which are the Longest Bridges?

Extremely long bridges can be scary to drive or walk over. The top three longest bridges in the U.S. are all located in Louisiana. They are Lake Pontchartrain Causeway at 24 miles long, Manchac Swamp Bridge at 23 miles long, and Atchafalaya Basin Bridge at 18 miles long.

Scariest Bridge by State 2023

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Scary Bridge Name
Scary Bridge Height (ft)
Scary Bridge Length (ft)
AlabamaBayview Bridge1356,325
AlaskaCaptain William Moore Bridge1558,910
ArizonaMike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge9001,905
ArkansasCotter Bridge582,015
CaliforniaGolden Gate Bridge7468,981
ColoradoRoyal Gorge Bridge9561,260
ConnecticutMianus River Bridge712,954
District of ColumbiaChesapeake Bay Bridge18622,790
FloridaSeven Mile Bridge6535,867
GeorgiaTalmadge Memorial Bridge1851,842
HawaiiWaimea Swinging Bridge125400
IdahoPerrine Memorial Bridge in Twin Falls4861,500
IllinoisLakey's Creek Bridge1130
IndianaAvon’s Haunted Bridge70300
IowaThe Swinging Bridge20150
KentuckyBrookport Bridge201,489
LouisianaLake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge1623,876
MaineThe White Lady Bridge
MarylandChesapeake Bay Bridge18623,790
MassachusettsStorrow Drive overpass141,540
MichiganMackinac Bridge55226,372
MississippiStuckey's Bridge13205
MissouriChristopher S. Bond Bridge2007,400
NebraskaSpring Ranch Bridge1,070
NevadaMike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge9003,500
New MexicoRio Grande Gorge Bridge6001,280
New YorkVerrazzano-Narrows Bridge69313,700
North CarolinaMile High Swinging Bridge80227
North DakotaSheyenne River Bridge30492
OhioStation Road Bridge946
OregonSt. John's Bridge4002,067
PennsylvaniaEmlenton Bridge441,673
Rhode IslandMount Hope Bridge2856,130
TexasOld Alton Bridge23547
UtahHell's Backbone Bridge1091,300
VermontGold Brook Covered Bridge2488
VirginiaChesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel19517,600
WashingtonDeception Pass Bridge1801,487
West VirginiaMain Street Bridge651,332
WisconsinThe Siren Bridge44210
WyomingThermopolis Swinging Bridge33375
showing: 41 rows

Scariest Bridge by State 2023