Speed Limit Map by State 2022

States With the Lowest Posted Speed Limit

DC is the lowest of all states with a posted speed limit of 55mph. Taking all 50 states into account, the average speed limit on the maximum size is around 69-70mph, which is also near the median. The minimum speed limit in most states does not go under 40mph. This usually occurs when drivers are driving their vehicle on a highway or interstate, which ensures that every passenger can react in time due to the slower velocity.

Speed limits are also affected by certain weather conditions, with the most common being nighttime conditions. Although this is not a requirement of every state, certain rural areas will post nighttime speed limits in areas that are not well-lit. This is usually not the same when comparing metropolitan areas, as streets and highways are often extremely lit, with the requirement for every car to turn on their lights to illuminate the road.

Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, and New York have some of the slowest speed limits in the country, after DC. Their state-posted speed is around 65mph, which is below the national average and the national median. Hawaii is also extremely below the average at 60mph.

States With the Highest Posted Speed Limit

The state with the highest speed limit is Texas at 85mph, followed closely by Utah at 80mph. It is not surprising that Texas has the highest speed limit, as it is one of the largest land masses within the continental United States. Vehicles often need to get between points quickly, especially if you are planning a business trip from opposite ends of the state. Truckers are especially pleased with this rule, as the wide open spaces between certain cities need to be traversed quickly in order to make timely deliveries.

Other than Texas, most of the country's southwestern region holds the fastest speed limits in the country, coming in at 70-75mph. This is more reflective of the national median and average.

Speed Limit Map Laws USA

The National Maximum Speed Law was brought into the legislature initially to limit the speed of the country as a whole. This made up the majority of the traffic law documents in each state and municipal regulation and laws. In 1974, Nixon and his administration decided to impose a maximum speed limit of 55mph, which is still a reflection in some states as the basis for understanding. DC is the only place where 55mph is recognized, mainly due to it being the home of the federal legislature.

The 55mph limit was imposed to reduce fuel usage, which at the time had many issues, especially due to the cold war against communist regimes. In 1988, the administration approved a raising of the NMSL to 65mph due to the stability of fuel prices. This was short-lived, as, in 1995, Congress finally decided to allow states to create their own guidance and enforcement in regards to their speed limit, as they would know the best way to proceed in that landscape.

Speed Limit Map by State 2022