States Where ATVs are Street Legal 2022

Which States Are ATVs Allowed On The Street? States That Allow Street Legal ATVs

Required Equipment To Make An ATV Street Legal

  • Rear View Mirror
  • Side View Mirrors
  • Rear-Facing Tag Holder (With Light) & Tag
  • A Horn Audible Up To 250 ft
  • Front And Rear Turn Signals
  • High And Low Beam Headlights
  • Tail Light
  • Brake Lights
  • Rear Reflectors
  • Windshield Or Suitable Eye Protection
  • Speedometer

Other Considerations for ATVs and UTVs

Although they are not considered automobiles, cars, or trucks - these vehicles are still regularly maintained and observed by the law. Only the above states on the list allow the use of these vehicles if they are considered "street legal" through some modifications. As can be ascertained from the list, this is largely due to the necessity of open desert, plains, or extremely rough terrain that does not allow the passage of other vehicles on a normal basis. Restricting the use of these vehicles in an open state that has a lower metropolitan presence would severely impact the transportation methods of many citizens, and some consider this to be unconstitutional or unfair.

Further to making your street vehicle legal, you must also have insurance. Driving on state-maintained roads with a police or sheriff's presence would usually mean that you will need proper automobile insurance to legally ride. This would also mean that the license plate, sticker, and overall registration of the approved vehicle need to be properly recorded - with an up-to-date driver's license. Your local DMV can answer any questions you may have, including the classification and endorsement of a motorcycle class. They may also be able to answer if your vehicle needs to undergo a safety and emissions test.

Why are ATVs Not Allowed In Some States?

Generally, states with large cities and buildings that are heavily metropolitan do not permit the use of all-terrain vehicles. This also may mean that if you are living in these states but are away from the "central hub", your local and even state laws can permit the use of these vehicles in some cases where roads are rough or are not entirely present altogether. Even in the states that allow these vehicles, they are often controlled where they can be used - downtown areas are almost always prohibited.

Alaska, for example, severely limits the use of these vehicles throughout the entire state. Although it is not known to be a highly metropolitan area, it is only allowed if road conditions permit. For example, if you are in an area that does not have access to major highways and most roads are not maintained properly, the vehicle can be used. Further, if frequent snowfall has rendered the use of a more traditional automobile useless, then ATV and UTV can be used if they are street legal. In this way, ATVs can be used if it intuitively make sense to the region and usual weather of the state.

States Where ATVs are Street Legal 2022