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States Where Raw Milk Is Legal 2021

The process of selling raw milk is legal in all 50 states of the United States. The process of making this milk available to the public differs however, and various jurisdictions have dictated the way consumers can get their raw milk fix. From retail sales to farm purchases to cow sharing methods, there are a few ways in which you can scratch that raw milk itch.

States Where Raw Milk is Legal in Retail Outlets

An array of states allows for the unfettered access to raw milk stores in any retail store within the state. The least restrictive of rules to obtain raw milk, you can readily find raw milk in the refrigerators of retail stores in the following states:

In addition to the preceding 11 states that have given the nod to retail raw milk sales, two other jurisdictions have weighed in with legal opinions on the legality of selling raw milk. In Utah, state legislators have mandated that the retail outlet selling the raw milk must also be the owner of the farm that produced the milk.

Leaders in the Beaver State, Oregon, have allowed for the sale of raw sheep and goat milk on retail shelves, but they have drawn the line at the selling of the raw cow milk.

States Where Raw Milk is Legal on Producing Farms

A total of 17 states allows for the sale of raw milk, but their focus is not on the retail level but rather focuses on purchases closer to the source of the milk: farms. Towards that end, the following 10 states have given the nod to on farm sales of raw milk:

As such, obtaining your supply of raw milk will require loading up the family in the car and taking a trip to the nearest producing farm. Mitigating this necessity, four other states not only allow on-farm shopping, but also have given the legal nod to the delivery of raw milk directly from the farm producing the milk to the consumer buying the raw milk. These states include:

A further three states; Kentucky, Mississippi, and Rhode Island allow on-farm purchasing of raw goat milk, but not cow milk.

States Where Raw Milk is Legal Through Cow-Sharing Programs

A winning proposition for many raw milk adherents is entering into a cow share, or herd share that offers a chance to gain access to the availability of raw milk in those eight states that offer the option. Under a cow share system, consumers buy a share in the animal’s care, upkeep, and affords the consumer an interest in the cow’s production.

The eight states that offer cow share options for obtaining raw milk includes:

States Where Raw Milk Is Legal 2021

State Raw Milk Legal Status 2021 Pop.
AlaskaCow Share Legal724,357
ArizonaRetail Legal7,520,103
ArkansasFarm Legal3,033,946
CaliforniaRetail Legal39,613,493
ColoradoCow Share Legal5,893,634
ConnecticutRetail Legal3,552,821
IdahoRetail Legal1,860,123
IllinoisFarm Legal12,569,321
KansasFarm Legal2,917,224
MaineRetail Legal1,354,522
MassachusettsFarm Legal6,912,239
MichiganCow Share Legal9,992,427
MinnesotaFarm Legal5,706,398
NebraskaFarm Legal1,951,996
NevadaRetail Legal3,185,786
New HampshireRetail Legal1,372,203
New Jersey8,874,520
New MexicoRetail Legal2,105,005
New YorkFarm Legal19,299,981
North Carolina10,701,022
North DakotaCow Share Legal770,026
OhioCow Share Legal11,714,618
OklahomaFarm Legal3,990,443
PennsylvaniaRetail Legal12,804,123
Rhode Island1,061,509
South CarolinaRetail Legal5,277,830
South Dakota896,581
TennesseeCow Share Legal6,944,260
TexasFarm Legal29,730,311
VirginiaCow Share Legal8,603,985
WashingtonRetail Legal7,796,941
West VirginiaCow Share Legal1,767,859
WisconsinFarm Legal5,852,490

States Where Raw Milk Is Legal 2021