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Stolen Cars by State 2024

Stolen Cars by State 2024

Crime rates and patterns across the United States reveal an ongoing challenge in combating vehicle theft. Recent reports from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) highlight a concerning trend: vehicle thefts continue to skyrocket in many areas of the country. In fact, nationwide vehicle thefts have surpassed one million for the first time since 2008, marking a significant increase in this type of criminal activity. This surge in vehicle thefts underscores the importance of understanding the scope of the issue and implementing effective measures to address it.

Various factors contribute to the prevalence of vehicle thefts, including socioeconomic conditions, law enforcement resources, and technological advancements. High-demand vehicles, such as certain models of pickups and SUVs, remain prime targets for thieves due to their resale value and parts availability. Moreover, the rise of keyless entry systems and other advanced vehicle security features has prompted criminals to devise sophisticated methods to bypass these safeguards, posing new challenges for law enforcement agencies nationwide.

In addition to these broader trends, analyzing regional data on stolen cars provides valuable insights into specific areas affected by this type of crime. The table shared includes theft rates and vehicle models targeted in different states, offering a snapshot of the prevalence and patterns of vehicle theft across the country. For example, states like California, Texas, and Florida consistently report high numbers of stolen vehicles, with popular models like Chevrolet and Ford pickups frequently targeted by thieves. By examining these regional variations, law enforcement agencies and policymakers can tailor their strategies to address the unique challenges posed by vehicle theft in their respective jurisdictions.

Stolen Cars by State 2024

  • Theft rates are expressed as the number of thefts per 100,000 residents.
  • Data for 2022 is preliminary and incomplete.

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Stolen Cars 2022
Stolen Cars 2021
Theft Rate 2021 (per 100k)
Stolen Cars 2020
Theft Rate 2020 (per 100k)
Stolen Cars 2019
Theft Rate 2019 (per 100k)
Most Stolen Vehicle
California202,685200,524511187,094475160,377406Chevrolet pickup
Texas105,01594,50032093,52131985,253294Chevrolet pickup
Florida45,97342,80819744,94020746,465216Ford pickup
Colorado42,23738,43066129,16250221,299370Ford pickup
Washington46,93935,74646228,34836825,210331Ford pickup
Illinois38,64928,55922528,42222625,198199Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee
Ohio29,91327,82423625,27121622,602193Ford pickup
Missouri29,34526,40842827,90545424,792404Ford pickup
Georgia26,52926,01724125,96824226,907253Ford pickup
New York28,29222,91311620,70010714,25773Honda Accord
North Carolina22,48721322,63821421,321203Ford pickup
Michigan21,28321219,10519218,089181Dodge Charger
Tennessee20,72229720,86530319,129280Chevrolet pickup
Arizona20,63728418,78525318,624256Chevrolet pickup
Oregon20,00647116,33338515,253362Ford pickup
Pennsylvania18,04413915,52412113,826108Honda Accord
Minnesota16,96829716,72629612,640224Honda Civic
South Carolina16,20931216,60931816,372318Ford pickup
Indiana16,08123616,12623915,630232Ford pickup
New Jersey14,81816012,16813712,386139Honda Accord
Oklahoma14,32535914,78037113,468340Chevrolet pickup
Wisconsin13,9572379,8631697,965137Hyundai Elantra
Maryland13,75622312,23120212,702210Honda Accord
Nevada13,41742711,48136612,169395Chevrolet pickup
Louisiana13,01028113,05528111,458246Ford pickup
Virginia12,32014311,89113810,791126Honda Accord
Alabama11,38422611,33623012,252250Chevrolet pickup
Kentucky10,70723711,5412589,521213Ford pickup
New Mexico10,0614768,9774269,391448Chevrolet pickup
Kansas9,1513129,4783258,287284Ford pickup
Arkansas9,1083018,8222918,185271Chevrolet pickup
Utah8,5382569,3962896,505203Ford pickup
Connecticut7,7712168,5412405,944167Honda Accord
Massachusetts6,9891007,0101026,20290Honda Accord
Mississippi6,3962176,7202275,910199Ford pickup
Iowa5,9131856,3782025,673180Chevrolet pickup
Nebraska4,6572374,8412504,539235Chevrolet pickup
District of Columbia4,3626514,0135632,857405Toyota Camry
Hawaii3,3132302,7231942,694190Ford pickup
Montana2,9192642,7512552,313216Ford pickup
South Dakota2,3632642,1632421,659188Chevrolet pickup
West Virginia2,2971292,6061462,747153Chevrolet pickup
Delaware1,8721871,8751901,790184Honda Accord
Idaho1,839971,9111051,67394Ford pickup
Alaska1,7562401,9782712,385326Chevrolet pickup
North Dakota1,7352241,6572171,441189Ford pickup
Rhode Island1,7121561,6431551,519143Honda Accord
Wyoming937162771132638110Ford pickup
New Hampshire858627385471653Chevrolet pickup
Maine833617095361346Chevrolet pickup
Vermont621963956337760Subaru Forester
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