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There are 7 states where strike anywhere matches are illegal: Alaska, California, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Strike Anywhere Matches Illegal States 2023

Strike Anywhere Matches Illegal States 2023


The theme across the board for most states that have become difficult to find Strike Anywhere matches is relatively similar. While there is some debate about the legality of Strike Anywhere Matches, they can still be found and bought - just don't expect them to be easy to find in Virginia.


The State of Minnesota may be the most staunch adversary of these fire-starting aids, and among one of the top Strike Anywhere Matches illegal states. There are even a few mandates on the books in Minnesota that strongly challenge the legality of these once-popular matchboxes.

New Jersey

Some of the concerns regarding the safety and use of Strike Anywhere Matches have dealt with these matches being used in the production or making of illegal drugs. When it comes to the question of Strike Anywhere Matches illegal states, they might not be technically deemed illegal, but needless to say these matches won't be the easiest item to locate in New Jersey either.


Did you know that Strike Anywhere Matches are listed on the list of "dangerous goods" for many governing agencies? That might be because of rumored ties to this product being used in the bomb-making process. Either way, it is enough of a consideration to cause the State of Wisconsin to be virtually considered one of the Strike Anywhere Matches illegal states.


Historically known as one of the more conservative states in the Union, Ohio is unsurprisingly another candidate to be on the list of Strike Anywhere Matches illegal states. For this Midwest State, the MO has always been to err on the side of caution, and that has resulted in Strike Anywhere Matches becoming a virtual taboo in the Buckeye State.


If any state in the country has a sound reason for not carrying Strike Anywhere Matches, it is arguably California. The reason for California making the Strike Anywhere Matches illegal states list probably has more to do with expenses than legalities. It is because of those questionable legal classifications, however, that are also a big reason for the exorbitant Hazmat shipping surcharges for states like California.


Much like California, Alaska must deal with high shipping charges as a result of Strike Anywhere Matches being deemed "dangerous goods" by shippers like UPS and FedEx. While the issue of legality surrounding Strike Anywhere Matches remains muddy, one thing is clear, Strike First Matches are becoming more difficult to find every day.

Strike Anywhere Matches Illegal States 2023