Tallest Building by State 2022

New York

Unsurprisingly, America's tallest building can be found in New York City. it is called the One World Trade Center, which was built after the events of tragic events on September 11, 2001. The building is 1776 feet tall, which pays homage to the year that the United States formally signed the Declaration of Independence, which set off a chain of events that would eventually see a victorious secession from the English crown. After years of fighting, the original 13 colonies had banded together to expel their parasitic host, which had increased taxes and unfairly placed fees upon colonists to siphon as much money as possible into the coffers of the crown back in the country of England.


The second tallest building in the United States can be found in Chicago and rests at 1451 feet high. Many statistics also include the antennae as part of the building, which brings the total to nearly 1730 feet. The recent sponsorship change of the tower changed its name to the Willis Tower, but many locals still refer to the 110-floor building as the Sears Tower - which was the original owner of this massive architectural skyscraper.


The 60-story building in Philadelphia is the third tallest building in the nation, sitting at 1121 feet. The Comcast technology center was named Philadelphia's first supertall building, which is a classification for all buildings that exceed 1000 feet in height. The Comcast Technology Centre was purchased by the large telecommunication giant, Comcast - which rents out its office spaces to many different corporations that are looking to break into the downtown core of Philadelphia.


California's capital city of Los Angeles is not left in the dust, as this supertall building is nearly 1100 feet tall. The Wilshire Grand Center is a 73-floor skyscraper that is home to the InterContinental Hotel in Downtown LA. Many visitors frequent this location not only due to its height but also for its prestige. The City of Angels never sleeps, and there are always many activities in store for guests. The hotel bases itself in the tallest building, not just because it is a great marketing technique, but due to its proximity to many different amenities. Los Angeles is one of the largest metropolises in the country, so those that are looking for room and board frequently search for prime locations such as the Intercontinental to make the most of their stay.


In the city of Atlanta, there is a supertall skyscraper called the Bank of America Plaza that stands at 1023 feet tall. It is a large commercial center that holds many venues and offices and has 55 stories of space available for those that are looking to open their new brick-and-mortar business in one of the most prestigious offices in Georgia. Many large companies rent out space in this building to provide their employees with the comfort of ergonomics and transportation, as it is extremely close to the downtown core and public transportation.

Tallest Building by State 2022