Tongue Splitting Legal States 2022

What Is Tongue Splitting?

When people talk about tongue splitting, they usually refer to a practice where the tongue itself is cut down the middle. While the cut is typically made starting at the underside and then working its way back, the practice has evolved over the past few hundred years, and there are different methods of doing so. This is usually done for cultural reasons, although there are some people who view this as a form of body mutilation. While the practice is not necessarily common in the developed world, it is not unheard of, either. Therefore, it is important to take a closer look at this procedure to see whether it is illegal in the United States or not.

Is Tongue Splitting Legal in the United States?

Yes, tongue splitting is legal in the United States; however, there are some restrictions. The states that have restrictions on tongue splitting include IL, DE, TX, and NY. The restrictions can vary from state to state. IL was the first state that addressed tongue splitting specifically, passing a law in 2003. Since then, the other three states have followed. In some states, the practice cannot be performed on minors at all. In other cases, it cannot be performed without the consent of the parent. Then, there are some states that have passed laws saying that the practice can only be performed by doctors or dentists. The practice also cannot be done without the consent of the person receiving the procedure. Even in states that do not address tongue splitting specifically, doing this procedure without the consent of the individual can be considered assault.

Have Other Countries Banned Tongue Splitting?

While the United States has a few states that have restricted tongue splitting, it has not been addressed often by other countries. In Australia, the state of Victoria passed a law banning tongue splitting from being done on minors under any circumstances. In the United Kingdom, a law was passed in 2018 stating that tongue splitting was considered illegal if it was being performed by a body modification practitioner for cosmetic purposes. It remains to be seen if tongue splitting will be addressed by other countries in the future.

Is Tongue Splitting Bad?

While tongue splitting is not necessarily considered bad, it can be considered dangerous if it is not performed by someone with experience in this area. There are a lot of blood vessels in the tongue, and when tongue splitting is done, it is possible that there could be a tremendous amount of blood loss. In addition, there could be a chance of infection. There is also some concern that tongue splitting might be a procedure that is forced on someone else, which could be a form of assault. This is also not something that can be reversed easily, so there are a lot of people who are concerned that those who engage in tongue splitting might not realize the permanence of the procedure and what it means.

Tongue Splitting Legal States 2022