Ugliest States 2022

Thanks to the United State’s wide variety of geography and various climates, every U.S. state has unique and beautiful physical features. Beauty is subjective. Where there are the most beautiful states, there are the least beautiful - or the ugliest.

Some states, like California, are blessed with bright beaches, rugged coastlines, grand mountains, and other beautiful features, while others lack in the scenery category.

This is not to say that the ugliest states in the country don’t have other redeeming qualities or are completely undesirable places to live. They’re just not the most picturesque. The states below are not ranked but rather are just some of the less-beautiful states in the U.S.


The first of the ugliest states in the U.S. is Connecticut. Connecticut is mostly flat and can be characterized primarily by its nondescript suburbs and unexcitable urbanized areas. Along the coast, however, you can find quaint towns and colonial architecture.


The First State is considered to be a rather boring state, with some calling it just “a couple toll booths with representation in Congress,” or “not large enough to hold more than three cars at a time.” Delaware does, however, have some of the cleanest beaches on the East Coast.


Kansas is known as one of the most boring states in the country. The land is known to be a lot of open nothingness and wind turbines. Population density is low in Kansas, with some counties having less than two persons per square mile. For those who like wide-open spaces and very little change in elevation, Kansas is a great state.


Oklahoma, like Kansas, is considered to be one of the ugliest states due to its flatness and nothingness. Oklahoma does have beautiful green hills and forests along its border with Arkansas and a variety of other pretty scenery.


Nevada is considered to be one of the ugliest states in the U.S. because of its unforgiving desert landscape and test sites for military nuclear testing. Despite this, Nevada is also home to Red Rock Canyon, Lake Tahoe, and the swirling rock formations of Valley of Fire State Park. And there are types of people who find desert landscape fascinating.


Indiana does not have a lot of recommended sites to be seen. The state has views of Lake Michigan on its northern edge and idyllic rolling hills on its southern border, but there’s not much in between. There are a lot of cornfields.

Ugliest States 2022