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Volcanoes by State 2024

Volcanoes by State 2024


Many states may have volcanic ranges, but some of the states may have active volcanoes and a majority of people live near the eruption zone. Although it may not be common knowledge, there are many different things that you can do to be prepared in the case of a volcanic eruption. Colorado is one such state that may have an active volcano, and scientists are constantly monitoring to zone for any signs of potential danger and any prior information about when it might go off, if at all.

Colorado has many mountains, but none are so iconic as the Dotsero Volcanic Center, which is found about a three-hour car ride away from Denver. Although it may be considered partially active, the last time it erupted was over 4000 years ago and poses very little threat to nearby life.


Nevada's desert-like climate may not be appealing to many people, but the state has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and a favorable tax or business environment. Venturing away from large cities such as Las Vegas and Reno, you can find mountainous and hilly regions that are peppered across the landscape. The soda lakes are of particular note, which is located just northwest of the city of Fallon in the state of Nevada. The lakes are home to two basaltic malar volcanoes, which may not be as "hot" as other volcanoes in terms of lava eruptions. The last time these were active was over 1500 years ago, so they do not pose any immediate threat.


Alaska's vast landmass, remote position, and its late admittance to the union have brought researchers and other scientific and military officials to study the local environment for possibilities of danger, in addition to the plethora of natural resources that are available along the state's borders. Alaska has the largest volume of potentially active volcanoes, estimated to be around 141 according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory group. Thankfully, most active volcanoes are found in remote areas, which is not difficult to find based on Alaska's small and sparse population.

Even still, few volcanoes are near the largest city of Anchorage, Alaska. The most recent eruption was in 2009 when the Cleveland volcano in the Aleutian Islands was photographed from the International Space Station. Thankfully, there is no significant amount of human, animal, or plant life that is near the volcano.


Washington state has many active volcanoes, with an eruption that killed 57 people more than 40 years ago. The Mount St. Helens eruption of the year 1980 was one of the biggest explosions in recorded U.S. history. In addition to the loss of life, the plume of ash that erupted from the resulting explosion was scattered throughout the entirety of the Northwest region, which blanketed the sun out for much of the population,

There are estimated to be at least 7 active volcanoes in the state, with the possibility of eruption near significant human settlements.

Volcanoes by State 2024

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