Voters by Race By State 2022

White Voters

When it comes to the breakdown and percentage of voters by race in the US, the margins are decidedly slanted. Unsurprisingly, white voters own an overwhelming majority of those margins. The most reliable estimates place the percentage of voters by race for white voters around 67 to 70 percent.

Those numbers will vary slightly, as expected from year to year, but historically have remained relatively steady. Some of the highest numbers put the percentage of white voters around 72 percent. In any event, this is a result that is neither surprising or unexpected. And it doesn't appear there will be any significant change in the foreseeable future or for future elections.

African-American Voters

The statistics or the percentage of voters by race place the African-American voting population between 12 and 14 percent. This also places the African-American segment of voters as the second-largest voting group. As recent elections have also shown, those percentages can also have a big impact on election day results.

While the number of African-American voters has also remained fairly consistent over course of recent history, the voice of African-American voters has grown. This has also become evident in the increased number of both candidates and seats occupied by African-Americans.

Hispanic Voters

If there is a surprise when it comes to the percentage of voters by race, it may be the numbers associated with the Hispanic voting segment. In many data reports, including those of the Pew Research center, the Hispanic voting numbers are equal to the African-American segment at around 13 percent.

The Hispanic voting segment is also one of the largest growing voting populations in the US. Much like the African-American voting segment, Hispanic voters and politicians are becoming more prominent. While these numbers, in addition to the African-American voter numbers aren't necessarily large, they are impactful. And together, these voters are also revealing a change in the landscape of America.

Asian Voters

The smallest segment of voters when it comes to the percentage of voters by race is the Asian voting segment. Asian voters typically register about 1 to 2 percent of the voters by race. This voting segment is so small, in fact, that many data reports categorize the Asian voting segment as Asians and Others.

While this is the smallest contingent of voters, in the land of America, everyone has a voice. Some just may not be as loud or as large as others.

Voters by Race By State 2022