Weird State Laws 2022

There’s no proof that all these weird state laws still exist. You can find some of them, however, still on the books or confirmed by attorneys.

1. Alabama

Rumor has it that this state says that you can’t impersonate a person of the opposite sex in Alabama. However, that may only relate to identity theft cases.

2. Alaska

You cannot drive blindfolded in Alaska. Some citizens still wonder if people who can’t see are allowed to drive, though. It’s clear as the six months of daylight that this state has, however, that you cannot bring a flamingo into a barbershop.

3. Arizona

There’s a myth debunked by at least a couple AZ attorneys that you should ever get caught denying anyone a glass of water in this state. It’s not technically illegal, but it’s considered a grave moral sin to refuse that to someone here. It’s probably because of the desert climate. Don’t ever get caught with more than two dildos or a camel in your bathtub either.

4. Arkansas

It is illegal to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle in Arkansas, so some people say. The law actually says that you’re not supposed to shoot on a public road or about 100 feet from the center of a road as of 2019.

5. California

You can’t throw a Frisbee in California unless you ask a lifeguard for permission. This may be because of how crowded the beaches get.

6. Colorado

You’re not supposed to collect rainwater in Colorado. This probably has many people in an outrage.

7. Connecticut

It is illegal to kiss in a moving car in Connecticut. Actually, that may not be true. This law most likely pertains to public indecencies, such as having sex in public.

You’re not supposed to kiss your spouse on Sundays in public if you’re married though, and don’t hold a rally at a town dump if you’re a politician.

8. Delaware

You’ll apparently be in trouble if you get caught flying over a body of water without a sufficient amount of food or drink in this state. Watch out. In Lewes, Delaware, they apparently have had laws prohibiting form-fitting pants.

9. Florida

You can’t sing in public if in a swimsuit or fall asleep while getting your hair dried in a salon. Apparently, you can’t shower naked, but perhaps that’s just in community showers, such as the kind that athletes have.

10. Georgia

It is illegal to roller-skate in a cemetery in Georgia. You also can only eat fried chicken with your bare hands.

A woman age 91 reportedly got arrested after caught eating fried chicken with a fork in 2009. Don’t keep a donkey in the bathtub either. It’s probably related to how some states prohibit camel hunting.

11. Hawaii

Hawaii considers it an offense to put coins in the ears, apparently. This dates back to 1900 when the state wanted to destroy all coins.

12. Idaho

You shouldn’t wear transparent clothing in Idaho. Does this mean even if you don’t have any other layers on underneath?

13. Illinois

You can’t fish while on a giraffe in Boise. Are there even any giraffes in this state unless they escaped from a zoo?

14. Indiana

You’re not allowed to take baths in this state between October and March. Someone probably has asked, “Is taking 20-minute showers okay?”

15. Iowa

You must acquire a drugs or narcotics stamp before you sell or distribute drugs. Without looking this one up in the books, you can probably assume this refers to prescription drugs and not illegal ones.

Apparently, part of the penalty for selling illegal substances is to pay taxes on the sales though. Children’s lemonade stands are also illegal here as of 2011.

16. Kansas

You can’t fish with your bare hands in Kansas if you don’t have a license. What’s confusing about this is that once you get a license you apparently can’t use fishhooks.

You can’t use scuba gear either, but you can at least use a stringer. You’re not supposed to shoot rabbits from the motorboat, but that legislation refers to hunting from any moving vehicle.

17. Kentucky

Don’t dye your ducklings blue unless you have six of them to sell at once in Kentucky.

18. Louisiana

You could get fined $500 for sending a pizza to someone’s house without their knowledge. This ruins it for people just trying to do a good deed, but it probably is to stop people from sending unauthorized food orders. Beware, also, that only health-related fortune telling is allowed, according to one lawyer.

19. Maine

Make sure you don’t keep your Christmas decorations up after January 14. Shoot. That would ruin it people from other states moving there who sometimes keep them up until Valentine’s Day.

20. Maryland

Don’t wear a sleeveless shirt in MD. You could end up with a $10 fine if you do.

21. Massachusetts

Some terrorists apparently are just too sneaky. So now, you can’t have an explosive golf ball in MA. This may not really be funny though. It could happen.

22. Michigan

You supposedly have to ask your husband’s permission to cut your hair if you’re a woman in MI. Perhaps they have this law, if it exists, to discourage women from rushing into marriage.

23. Minnesota

Don’t take ducks out of the state on top of your head. You’ll pay the consequences, supposedly. The laws in this state mostly pertain to hunting.

24. Mississippi

This state doesn’t allow shooting laser pointers at law enforcement. It’s a safety issue though that results in a misdemeanor fine of about $1,000.

25. Missouri

Never drive with an uncaged bear in your car. Who wants to know why? Well, this pertains to rescuing a bear on the side of the road.

26. Montana

You’re not supposed to impersonate a clergy member while driving in Montana. This may refer to fraudulent representation, however. That result in a fine of up to about $5,000. You receive even a stiffer fine of $50,000 for guiding a sheep into the road where a train crosses.

27. Nebraska

You’re not supposed to drive near the edge of the zero mountains that exist in Nebraska. This law pertains to making sure you keep control of your vehicle on dangerous roads and does exist in other states.

28. Nevada

Don’t you dare drive a camel on the highway in Nevada. Apparently, what happens in the state doesn’t just apply to Vegas.

29. New Hampshire

In 1973, you were still not allowed to gather seaweed at night.

30. New Jersey

A man absolutely cannot knit during fishing season. This one and the NH seaweed gathering one is confirmed by licensed attorneys.

31. New Mexico

Misusing the state anthem is illegal. However, this doesn’t clarify whether you can sing it as a karaoke song. Does it?

32. New York

In both NY and NJ, you cannot pump your own gas. It’s related to hazards and people not doing it correctly though.

33. North Carolina

Don’t play more than 10 hours a week in NC in your private home or other place unless it’s a public exhibition.

34. North Dakota

Make sure you get a permit before you kill annoying pigeons in North Dakota.

35. Ohio

The only time you’re allowed to commit crimes, apparently, is if it’s on a Sunday or on a river. You also can’t be arrested on the 4th of July—defeats the purpose of making fireworks illegal, probably. There are instances where fireworks are allowed in this state though.

36. Oklahoma

Don’t ever commit the cardinal offense of taking a bite out of someone’s hamburger, reports one law firm. Does this refer to all people or just strangers? As of 2015, this law reportedly pertains to distracted driving, not eating anyone else’s food.

37. Oregon

Anyone who has committed a felony can’t play bingo in this state. Maybe that relates to white collar crimes and gambling laws?

38. Pennsylvania

Bartering your infants in PA is only a misdemeanor here. Apparently, the state hasn’t learned anything from all those Lifetime movies people watch.

39. Rhode Island

You’ll get a $20.00 fine if you try to conduct a horse race on a public highway. Jail time could reach up to 10 days for this.

40. South Carolina

You have to be at least 18 to play pinball in this state. Also, “If a man promises to marry an unmarried woman, the marriage must take place.” This relates to broken engagement laws. The jail time for this, however, is only up to one year not following through on a marriage proposal may be worth the time spent behind bars for some men.

41. South Dakota

You mustn’t fall asleep in a cheese factory in SD. Make sure you don’t cause static in Huron too, and you can’t post signs that say, “casino.”

42. Tennessee

You can’t buy alcohol on Labor Day, but you can on Memorial Day in TN. You also can only have open containers in a vehicle if you’re not driving.

43. Texas

In Texas, people have spread around that the law says children cannot have haircuts. However, this refers to “unusual” cuts. What’s probably more disconcerting is that the state has to tell you not to sell your eyeball. Selling body parts refers to organ donations on the black market though.

44. Utah

You can’t throw rocks or manure, according to one attorney. You also can’t hunt elephants here. When’s the last time you saw an elephant in Utah?

45. Vermont

As reported in 2022, you can’t get dentures without permission from your husband if you’re a woman. Do you think they’re also keeping tabs on how many meals and baths you take too? You’re only allowed six of the meals and one bathing instance per week.

46. Virginia

Don’t ever get caught tickling a woman. It’s illegal in Virginia. Never swear at anyone over the phone or use their name in the same sentence in profanity. Is it okay to do it in person to their face though?

47. Washington

As far as we know, Bigfoot isn’t even real, but you’re not supposed to harass this creature in Washington. This pertains to the possibility of discovering creatures that some explorers believe do exist though.

48. West Virginia

Don’t ever taunt anyone who didn’t authorize being provoked to a duel. You also must not carry a black or red flag.

49. Wisconsin

One lawyer can attest to the fact that you’re not supposed to carry more than one pound of margarine in Wisconsin. This apparently is still true as of after 2020. Another lawyer also says that it’s not illegal to put margarine on their food instead of butter without their knowledge.

You also could get six months jail time for selling home-baked cookies, but that’s a food safety issue. It probably doesn’t pertain to public bake sales.

50. Wyoming

Wyoming doesn’t allow you to perform “junk dealing” (salvage yard selling and buying) with people who appear to be drunk. Don’t ever fish here with a firearm either.

Weird State Laws 2022