Young Voters by State 2022

There are many voters in the US, and one group, in particular, is making their presence felt, and that group is young voters (18 to 24). Based on recent reports, more than half of the people in this group turned out to vote in the last Presidential election. Those numbers also show a remarkable jump of more than 10 percent.

The number of voters in the 18 to 24 bracket is reportedly about 252,000. Although the numbers of voters in the Young voter isn't necessarily staggering, the story is less about the number of voters and more about the voter turnout. Historically speaking, young voters have always had one of the lowest voter turnouts. That is also another reason why the nearly 60 percent of youth voters that showed up to the polls was so shocking.

Young Voter Turnout

In addition to the impressive turnout numbers for young voters, there is also a young voters' movement that has led to more attention for this voter segment. There is some disparity in those numbers though, as some states showed more traditional young voter turnout results. South Dakota, for example, reported just over a 30 percent turnout for young voters. On the other end of the spectrum, states like New Jersey revealed a whopping 67 percent turnout for young voters.

If these numbers are indicative of anything, it is that young voters are now making an impact and changing the political landscape in America. There is also some direct correlation to the ease and technology of voting prompting more young voters to register and show up at the polls. States that offered more voting options (e.g., early registration, same-day registration) also had a stronger young voter turnout.

States that offered more of these voting options generally exceeded av50 percent turnout for young voters. States, on the other hand, that offered fewer options saw young voter turnouts closer to 40 percent. One thing is certain, however, the recent rise of young voters has warranted more attention from politicians, and the country.

The Future for Young Voters

Young voters in America have been asked to take an interest in their government for years, and now it looks like that message has been received. What that looks like for future elections and the future of the country remains to be seen. What is certain though, is that the young voters are making their presence felt and making a difference in the US and in the world of politics.

Young Voters by State 2022