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Population of Counties in Hawaii (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Honolulu County983,988-2.81%2321,637Honolulu County location
Hawaii County208,8824.05%1.6K52Hawaii County location
Maui County164,007-0.46%449141Maui County location
Kauai County73,9191%239119Kauai County location
Kalawao County811.25%57Kalawao County location

There are 5 counties in Hawaii. In 2019, the most populous Hawaii county is Honolulu County, home of Honolulu city, with 980,080 residents. This represents growth of 2.49% since the last census. Hawaii has two other counties with a population exceeding 100,000: Hawaii County or the "Big Island" with the city of Hilo with 200,983 residents and Maui County with the city of Maui with 167,207 residents. Of these counties, Hawaii County experienced the most growth at 8.43% since the 2010 census.

Hawaii Counties with Fewest Residents

The smallest Hawaii county by far is Kalawao County, the smallest county in the U.S. by area and population with 88 residents. Kalawao County's population has declined by 2.22% since the census.

Hawaii Counties with Rapid Growth

Of Hawaii's five counties, all have reported growth of at least 2% since the census except one. Hawaii County experienced the most rapid growth at 8.43%. After Hawaii County, other counties that have reported major growth include Maui County (7.87%) and Kauai County (7.32%). The only county that has experienced a population decline is Kalawao (-2.22%).

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