How Big is Hawaii?

There are multiple ways to determine the size of a state. When you look at the total area of a state, Hawaii is one of the smallest states in the United States. Hawaii has a total area of 10,931 square miles or 28,311 square kilometers. Its total land area is 6,423 square miles and its total water area is considerable at 4,507 square miles. Hawaii's water area comprises 41.2% of its total area, which makes sense given that the state of Hawaii is an archipelago.

Hawaii is a small state based on its total land area. In fact, it ranks 47th out of a total of 50 states in terms of its total land area. However, you can also answer the question of how big is Hawaii by its population, too. The total population of the state of Hawaii according to the 2020 US Census is 1,455,271 people.

Hawaii is also a small state if you go by population since this population means that it ranks 40th among all US states in terms of its population. The state of Hawaii is fairly densely populated though, with a population density of 188.6 people per square mile. To put it in perspective, this means that the state of Hawaii has a population density lower than that of both Illinois and Ohio.

Hawaii Is Much Smaller than California and Texas

California and Texas are two of the largest states in the United States, so Hawaii is quite a bit smaller than those states, as you might expect. California is approximately 24 times bigger than the state of Hawaii when you are talking about the land areas of the two states. However, California also dwarfs Hawaii when you talk about the population, too. The population of the state of Hawaii is approximately 1.4 million people and the population of California is approximately 39 million people.

Hawaii Is Quite A Bit Smaller Than Some Major European Countries

Hawaii is much smaller than the European country of France, which has a total area of 247,368 square miles or 640,679 square kilometers. The population of France is estimated at approximately 67,413,000 people and the population of Hawaii is 1,455,271 people. Hawaii is far smaller than France when it comes to its population, as well. The United Kingdom is also approximately 15 times larger than the state of Hawaii, as well. The population of the United Kingdom is also much greater, at approximately 68 million people compared to Hawaii's population of only 1.4 million people.

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Similar-Sized Countries

Compared to Largest State

Hawaii has approximately 1.64% the land area of Alaska. In other words, Alaska is approximately 60.87 times larger than Hawaii.

Compared to Smallest State

Rhode Island has approximately 14.13% the land area of Hawaii. In other words, Hawaii is approximately 7.08 times larger than Rhode Island.

What is the area of Hawaii?

The area of Hawaii is 10,932 square miles.

Is Hawaii a big or small state?

Hawaii is the 8th smallest state in the US.

Which states are similar size to Hawaii?

The next smallest state is Massachusetts and the next largest state is Maryland.

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