How Big is Maryland?

If you are wondering, “how big is Maryland,” it is one of the smallest states in the country in terms of area. It is just over 12,000 square miles. It is significantly smaller than Virginia, which borders Maryland to the south. Even though Maryland is a relatively small state, it still has a tremendous amount of history. It is also home to one of the biggest cities in the country, Baltimore.

Is Baltimore the Capital of Maryland?

Even though Baltimore is located in Maryland, it is not the capital. Annapolis is the capital of Maryland. Even though Baltimore might be a bigger city, Annapolis is not without its benefits. For example, Annapolis is home to the United States Naval Academy. Some of the most famous officers in the military graduated from Annapolis. There are lots of people who come to Annapolis from all over the country to take a look at some of the ships that are anchored offshore.

Does Maryland Have Professional Sports?

Yes, Maryland is home to a few professional sports teams. For example, Maryland is home to the Baltimore Orioles. Cal Ripken, one of the best players in all of baseball, played for the Orioles. Maryland is also home to the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl title approximately 10 years ago.

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Similar-Sized Countries

Compared to Largest State

Maryland has approximately 1.86% the land area of Alaska. In other words, Alaska is approximately 53.63 times larger than Maryland.

Compared to Smallest State

Rhode Island has approximately 12.45% the land area of Maryland. In other words, Maryland is approximately 8.03 times larger than Rhode Island.

What is the area of Maryland?

The area of Maryland is 12,406 square miles.

Is Maryland a big or small state?

Maryland is the 9th smallest state in the US.

Which states are similar size to Maryland?

The next smallest state is Hawaii and the next largest state is West Virginia.

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