How Big is New Mexico?

Is New Mexico a Big State?

New Mexico is located in the desert Southwest. It is hot, dry, and a beautiful place to visit and live. New Mexico is known for its red scenery, but just how big is New Mexico? New Mexico is one of the biggest states in the United States in terms of square miles. It is more than 121,000 square miles, which is larger than Arizona. On the other hand, New Mexico is smaller than Texas and California.

When Did New Mexico Join the United States?

Given the name, it is obvious that New Mexico used to be part of Mexico. For a long time, the territory in present-day New Mexico was claimed by Mexico. From 1846 to 1848, the United States and Mexico were at War. The war was one-sided, and the United States won a string of unbroken victories. At the end of the war, the United States claimed all territory north of the Rio Grande, which included New Mexico.

Is New Mexico Bigger Than Mexico?

No, New Mexico is not bigger than Mexico. Mexico is significantly larger than New Mexico. In terms of square miles, Mexico is more comparable to the entire United States instead of a single state of New Mexico. Even though New Mexico is a big state, it is not larger than Mexico.

State Name
New Mexico
Area (mi²)
Area (km²)
Area Ranking
% of US Size

Similar-Sized Countries

Compared to Largest State

New Mexico has approximately 18.27% the land area of Alaska. In other words, Alaska is approximately 5.47 times larger than New Mexico.

Compared to Smallest State

Rhode Island has approximately 1.27% the land area of New Mexico. In other words, New Mexico is approximately 78.7 times larger than Rhode Island.

What is the area of New Mexico?

The area of New Mexico is 121,590 square miles.

Is New Mexico a big or small state?

New Mexico is the 5th largest state in the US.

Which states are similar size to New Mexico?

The next smallest state is Arizona and the next largest state is Montana.

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