How Big is South Carolina?

Anyone looking to go for a swim in the ocean should consider paying a visit to one of the beaches in South Carolina. Even though South Carolina is known for its beaches, how big is South Carolina? South Carolina is one of the smallest states in the country in terms of square mileage. South Carolina is just over 32,000 square miles, making it significantly smaller than its neighbors. South Carolina is bordered to the north by North Carolina and bordered to the south by Georgia.

Is South Carolina Bigger Than North Carolina?

No, South Carolina is significantly smaller than North Carolina. North Carolina has more people and square miles than South Carolina. There are still lots of people who live in South Carolina and commute to Charlotte for work every day.

Is Hilton Head in South Carolina?

South Carolina has a wide variety of beautiful beaches, and one of the most popular locations is Hilton Head Island. Hilton Head Island is technically in South Carolina, but it sits on the border between South Carolina and Georgia. It is relatively easy to go from Hilton Head to Savannah, which is located in Georgia. Hilton Head is also known for its beautiful golf courses. There's a professional PGA Tour event that takes place in Sea Pines every year.

State Name
South Carolina
Area (mi²)
Area (km²)
Area Ranking
% of US Size

Similar-Sized Countries

Compared to Largest State

South Carolina has approximately 4.81% the land area of Alaska. In other words, Alaska is approximately 20.78 times larger than South Carolina.

Compared to Smallest State

Rhode Island has approximately 4.83% the land area of South Carolina. In other words, South Carolina is approximately 20.73 times larger than Rhode Island.

What is the area of South Carolina?

The area of South Carolina is 32,020 square miles.

Is South Carolina a big or small state?

South Carolina is the 11th smallest state in the US.

Which states are similar size to South Carolina?

The next smallest state is West Virginia and the next largest state is Maine.

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