How Big is Mississippi?

If you are wondering, “how big is Mississippi,” it is a medium state. Mississippi is between 48,000 and 49,000 square miles in size. It is similar in size to Alabama and Georgia. Mississippi is bordered by Alabama and Georgia to the east. If you continue crossing Mississippi, you will eventually reach Louisiana and Texas. Mississippi is located in the Southeast and is known for its warm weather.

Is Jackson the Capital City of Mississippi?

Yes, Jackson is the capital of Mississippi. It is also one of the biggest cities in the state, measuring just over 113 square miles. Even though Mississippi has a few large cities, it doesn't have cities that can rival those that are found in Alabama and Georgia.

Is Mississippi a Nice Place To Live?

Yes, Mississippi is a nice place to live. There are a lot of people who move to Mississippi because it has a relatively low cost of living. Furthermore, Mississippi has a few casinos scattered across the state. Mississippi is a popular place to live for those who like warm weather. Even though it does snow in Mississippi from time to time, it is still relatively unusual. Mississippi also does not have a lot of heavy traffic. Mississippi provides residents with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico as well.

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Similar-Sized Countries

Compared to Largest State

Mississippi has approximately 7.28% the land area of Alaska. In other words, Alaska is approximately 13.74 times larger than Mississippi.

Compared to Smallest State

Rhode Island has approximately 3.19% the land area of Mississippi. In other words, Mississippi is approximately 31.35 times larger than Rhode Island.

What is the area of Mississippi?

The area of Mississippi is 48,432 square miles.

Is Mississippi a big or small state?

Mississippi is the 19th smallest state in the US.

Which states are similar size to Mississippi?

The next smallest state is Pennsylvania and the next largest state is Louisiana.

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