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Best Countries to Visit 2023

The world is so much bigger than any of us could possibly fathom. In total, there are 195 countries on Earth. If you were to spend a week traveling around and exploring every country that exists, it would take you approximately a few months shy of four years to complete the challenge. Not only do most people not have enough free time to accomplish the endeavor of experiencing every country out there, but the amount of money it would require to travel all over the world for such a long time is mind-blowing.

Rather than setting yourself up for monetary failure, why not pick one country at a time and start from there? There’s no such thing as a country that isn’t worth visiting because every place has something special and unique to offer you, but before you choose where you’ll travel to, you should research the sights and see if they’re in line with what peaks your interest. Here is a list of five of the countries we think are the best countries to visit.

Sri Lanka

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is considered part of South Asia. Even though Sri Lanka is an island, it is still categorized as a country all on its own. Sri Lanka is in reach of three bodies of water, including the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. Located to the southeast of India, Sri Lanka is often referred to as the teardrop of India, quite literally because the country is in the shape of a water droplet.

Another nickname attributed to Sri Lanka is the pearl of the Indian Ocean. On the topic of other names Sri Lanka goes by, the South Asian country used to be officially known as Ceylon. This was back when Sri Lanka was ruled by the British government as a colony, and the title was given to the country because Sri Lanka is a prime producer of tea, and ceylon is a term for pekoe tea, which Sri Lanka very famously grows.

Sri Lanka has some of the most lush and prominent nature scene of anywhere else on the planet, and the cultural diversity in Sri Lanka is something you cannot afford to miss out on, for the lifestyles in Sri Lanka are unlike any other place in the world. The tourism industry accounts for a high percentage of profit in Sri Lanka. Many people around the globe are starting to recognize the beauty of Sri Lanka, so you’ll want to scope out the busiest tourist season and schedule your trip accordingly.

New Zealand

Did you know that New Zealand is the overarching name for roughly six-hundred-and-two islands? When you view the country on a map, you'll notice that there are two islands that are far larger than the other six hundred. These bigger islands constitute the North Island and the South Island. The country is very straightforward in that regard, but aside from geographical features, there is more to New Zealand than meets the eye.

As one of the top five countries that are closest to Antarctica, New Zealand has a very unique culture and way of life. Due to its remote nature in respect to all of the other countries on Earth, New Zealand has everything you could possibly think of, and then some. Guided tours through all-natural caves that illuminate with the light of glow worms are available to all who are interested, and if you time your trip perfectly, you'll catch a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the Aurora Australis. Also known as the Southern Lights, this event is the polar opposite of the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. You'll live out the dream of many as you watch an array of beauty appear in the sky, just beyond the southern horizon of New Zealand.

For the cinematic connoisseurs, New Zealand just so happens to be the home of the Shire featured as a major landmark in The Lord of the Rings books and movies as well. Matamata, a Waikato town on the North Island of New Zealand, is where you can find this ever-so-famous village. You might even run into a hobbit or two, if you're lucky. From rock formations crafted by natural storms and coastlines with water as warm as a jacuzzi, it is literally impossible to be disappointed by a vacation to New Zealand.


Though the name of the country from a global perspective is Japan, the country is referred to as Nihon or Nippon by the Japanese. There are approximately 6,852 islands that make up the country of Japan, which is an offshore country of the continent of Asia.

It’s important to be aware of where you are in Japan when you travel there. Japan is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is an invisible stretch of volcanic activity in the shape of an upside-down U. It primarily constitutes the eastern coasts of New Zealand, Oceania, and Asia, as well as the western coastlines of North America, Central America, and South America. As a result, the of Japan is made up of a plethora of volcanoes, of which about one hundred are currently active. Earthquakes are also very prominent in Japan, so it is important to be wary of those as well.

Some of the adventures you can plan to embark on in Japan include hiking national parks, taking a dip in a natural hot spring, and gazing at cherry blossoms. An important piece of information to keep in mind as a tourist is to never, ever pick cherry blossoms, or sakuras, from the trees. They are an endangered and protected plant in Japan, and you will end up causing damage and destruction to Japan’s culture. Beyond natural sites to see, Japan also offers an abundance of martial arts classes, robotics that’ll impress you to no end, and some of the finest Asian cuisine your taste buds will ever encounter.


Morocco is a country in Africa. As the fifth most populated country in Africa, Morocco is located in the upper western area of Africa. Morocco is ahead of the game in so many ways that the Western world still struggles to make progress in, the cannabis scene being one of them. In fact, the marijuana industry is one of the top money-making streams of profit in Morocco. Pure hash oil is produced and manufactured in Morocco like nothing else, and the cannabis term, reefer, originated in Morocco. The Northern Rif Region of Morocco is the location where most of the Moroccan cannabis production occurs, and rif is the term from which reefer is derived.

Morocco should be on your list of countries that you should visit because there are awe-inspiring villages and towns that will make your jaw drop. The town of Chefchaouen, for example, is a Moroccan neighborhood in the heart of the Rif Mountains. As such, the contrast of the blue-tinted rooftops and the gorgeous aqua water is more beautiful. You'll get the opportunity to look at villages with breathtaking architecture.


Located in Europe, Switzerland is home to the most costly coffee in the whole world. That’s right. If you are curious as to why the coffee beans that originate in Switzerland are so expensive, then you’ll have to take a trip to the Central European country and take a sip of Swiss drip coffee for yourself!

Switzerland is worth visiting because the country is so different from the rest of the world. Unlike the United States, Swiss teachers make more money than most other professionals in other industries in Switzerland. Interestingly enough, Switzerland is the leading producer of LSD, or the synthetic hallucinogenic drug known for causing auditory and visual changes in perception. Other items that Switzerland is credited with inventing are Velcro, muesli, and cellophane.

Don’t forget to buy as much Swiss chocolate as you can fit into your suitcases because it’s some of the most delicious chocolate you’ll ever come across. In fact, Henri Nestle, the creator behind the Nestle chocolate brand, is from Switzerland. Believe it or not, Switzerland also produces edible chocolate gold!

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What is the best country to visit?

Some of the countries that are rated as the best to visit include Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Japan, Morocco, and Switzerland.

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