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Best Countries to Visit 2024

If one were to spend a week exploring each of the world's 193+ countries one at a time, it would take nearly four years to complete the challenge—and much longer if non-sovereign territories were included. Obviously, most people lack both the free time and the financial wherewithal to accomplish such a journey, so it helps to narrow one's focus a bit. While there is no such thing as a country not worth visiting—even the worst countries to visit have something special and unique to offer—some are renowned for their attractiveness to tourists. These are widely considered to be among the world's best countries to visit.

The time of year is a very important factor when planning a trip. Whether one is visiting one of the world's most-visited countries or one of the least-visited countries in the world, the weather and attractions available in January will differ significantly from those on offer in June.

Best Countries to Visit Any Time of Year

The following countries are some of the most reliable,. meaning they have much to offer no matter what time of year one chooses to visit.

United States

The United States is so large and possesses such a wide range of climates and geography that no matter what time of year one visits, it will be the ideal time to visit some part of the country. In the winter, states such as Hawaii, Florida, Texas, and (southern) California offer sunshine and warm weather activities, while Colorado, Utah, Vermont, and other northern states offer world-class skiing and snowboarding. During the warmer months, outdoor activities abound, with natural wonders ranging from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone competing with man-made attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Of course, cultural elements such as the superlative shopping, cuisine, and nightlife in many US cities are available year round.


Many Mediterranean countries enjoy both pleasant weather year-round and a tough-to-beat combination of natural beauty and cultural attractions. Italy has more famous architecture than any other country (with the possible exception of Greece) ranging from ancient ruins to massive cathedrals. Italy also boasts incredible cuisine, gorgeous natural scenery, countless museums and art galleries, beaches and coastline ... and Vatican City, the world's smallest landlocked country, which nestles right against Rome.


Italy's neighbor to the east boasts similar all-season appeal. Southern Greece features warm, sunny weather and world-renown islands dotted with postcard-worthy white buildings and surrounded by the gem-blue Mediterranean. The mainland is only slightly less scenic and adds in archeological wonders such as the Acropolis, historic architecture, and priceless art museums and galleries. Also like Italy, Greece has its own distinct and delectable national cuisine.

Sri Lanka

The South Asian island country of Sri Lanka lies within reach of three bodies of water: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean. Located to the southeast of India, Sri Lanka is often referred to as the teardrop of India, because the country has the shape of a water droplet, as well as "the pearl of the Indian Ocean". During the country's time as a British colony, it was known as Ceylon, a reference to the country's famous pekoe tea.

Sri Lanka features some of the most lush and prominent natural scenery of anywhere on the planet, stunning cultural diversity, and a unique way of life. The tourism industry accounts for a notable percentage of Sri Lanka's overall Gross Domestic Product, as more and more tourists all around the world are beginning to recognize the country's beauty.


Germany possesses a mild climate similar to that of many European countries, and offers different delights depending upon the season. In warmer months, scenery and sightseeing abound. When the weather turns cool, it's time for Oktoberfest festivals and Christmas markets. Best of all, most of Germany's greatest attractions, such as castle tours and some of the finest beer on the planet, are available year-round.

New Zealand

Few people outside the country realize that New Zealand is the overarching name for not just the two main islands (the North Island and the South Island), but a collection of roughly seven hundred islands. Clearly, there is more to New Zealand than meets the eye.

One of the top five countries closest to Antarctica, New Zealand has a unique culture heavily based upon that of the indigenous Māori people. The island's wide-ranging natural scenery includes lush jungles, beaches, snow-capped mountains, and volcanoes, as well as more unusual attractions such as boating through caves lit by "glow worms" or viewing the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) while gazing at Southern Hemisphere constellations.

For cinematic connoisseurs, much of director Peter Jackson's acclaimed Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films were filmed in New Zealand. Matamata, a Waikato village on the North Island of New Zealand, stood in for the hobbits' homeland of The Shire, and the Hobbiton sets are still available for tourists to visit.


The Asian island country of Japan (which actually includes more than 6,800 islands) is arguably best known for its unique culture, which has given the world anime films, manga comics, sushi, samurai, and pop-cultural icons ranging from ninjas to Godzilla. It is also known as a country of poetic beauty, from picturesque temples and Asian castles and Mount Fuji to cherry blossom festivals and painted kites. Japan's cities are filled with vibrant culture and cuisine and its countryside boasts postcard-worthy views that rank among the most beautiful in the world.

Possible outdoor adventures in Japan include hiking national parks, taking a dip in a natural hot spring, visiting one of the country's more than 100 active volcanoes (from a safe distance), and gazing at cherry blossoms. Just don't pick the cherry blossoms, or sakuras, as cherry trees are a protected plant in Japan.


Spain is yet another Mediterranean country with gorgeous weather, stunning scenery, mouthwatering cuisine, and cultural attractions ranging from flamenco shows to Antoni Gaudi's one-of-a-kind architecture (La Sagrada Familia) to the Guggenheim art museum.


The largest country in South America is also one of the best countries to visit any time of year—particularly the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paolo's elevation gives it a warm-but-mild climate year round, and its attractions include the Parque Ibirapuera park, the Pinacoteca do Estado art museum (among many others), and the Jardim Botanico botanical garden.

Rio de Janeiro rests on the coast and matches warmth with low humidity—the perfect combination to visit the area's white-sand beaches (Ipanema, Copacabana, Arpoador), Sugarloaf mountain, or the Corovado Christ the Redeemer statue.


Morocco is the fifth-largest country in Africa and features a dazzlingly colorful capital, Marrakesh, full of architecture, cuisine, and culture ranging from the Saadian Tombs to Badia Palance to an Yves Saint Laurent museum. The temperatures in Marrakesh average a balmy-but-tolerable 98F (37C) in July and August and rarely drop below a comfortable 66F (19C) during the winter months. Nor is Marrakesh the only city in Morocco worth visiting. Additional attractions include Casablanca (the country's largest city); the sleepy seaside town of Essaouira; and the photogenic Chefchaouen, nestled at the foot of a mountain.

Morocco is also known for its cannabis industry (specifically for the quality of its hash oil), as well as for the scenic beauty of its countryside, including the Rif Mountains, the Draa Valley, and the Erg Chigiga dune field.


Located in Europe, Switzerland is home to some of the most costly coffee in the whole world. However, the coffee is still delicious, especially when paired with Swiss chocolate, which is considered some of the most delicious chocolate in the world. Henri Nestle, the creator behind the Nestle chocolate brand, is from Switzerland. Switzerland also produces edible chocolate gold.

Switzerland may be best known for the Alps, which include the iconic Matterhorn mountain (and the charming village Zermatt at its base), the aptly named Panorama Trail and Ice Palace in Jungfraujoch, and the famous Bachalpsee Lake. Also, the resort town Interlaken sits placidly between two mountain lakes and has been described as a postcard come to life. From there, one can go on a scenic hike or enjoy more adventurous pursuits such as paragliding in the summer or skiing in the winter. In fact, snow sports are a huge attraction across much of Switzerland during the winter months. Additional tourist favorites in Switzerland include Lake Lugano and Ticino; the capital city Bern, known for its old-world medieval charm; the ski resort town St. Moritz, Lake Geneva, Lucerne, and Zurich, the country's largest city.

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What is the best country to visit?

Some of the countries that are rated as the best to visit include Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Japan, Morocco, and Switzerland.

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