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Best Countries to Visit in November 2024


November is the best time to visit countries that are around the Mediterranean. This is because the ocean and abundant seas regulate colder and warmer temperatures, providing a temperate climate that invites visitors. Spain is well known for its unique architectural style, a mix of cultures, cuisines, and beautiful basilicas. With roots in an African, Moorish, and Catholic upbringing, the history of Spain is rife with the mixing of cultures. It was also an important port city and trading partner before the split between itself and Portugal, which was once only one nationality.

See traditional bullfights, eat some delicious paella and try the best sangria you have ever tasted in your life. While the climate may be cold and rainy in the west, Spain is sure to please in November.


Mexico has an astonishingly unique climate throughout the year. Considered a dry land, Mexico only experiences rainfall for two months of the year, September and October, in most regions. Although Mexico is quite large, each region has its own traditional and cultural influences. The two most popular tourist destinations can be found in the Southeast and West of the country - Cancun and Los Cabos, respectively. While both are regions within Mexico, they have drastic differences. Cancun is home to lush forests and jungles and is a party destination for adolescents and young adults. The Mayan influence has dominated the traditions in this area.

Los Cabos is a desert climate that is close to the Pacific Ocean. This has created a very distinct juxtaposition in its surroundings, which is dry most of the year. November is the best time to visit, as it is just after the final rainfall, allowing you to experience a place without the blistering sun. Contrary to Cancun, Los Cabos has a laid-back and relaxed feel, which attracts ex-pats and those looking to settle down with their families.


Morroco is just the perfect mix of Arabic, African and European cultures. Its climate also prevents it from getting too cold, making November the best month to visit without incurring the wrath of the sun's hot rays. Mid October to Late November makes the climate hover around 22 degrees centigrade, so you can enjoy its fabled citadels and Islamic architecture.


Malta is one of the world's best-kept secrets, and many sites are constantly trying to feature it as a beautiful tourist destination. Often confused with the city of Italy, Malta has a unique history and a diverse culture that has some of the best diets in the world. Although it has received some critical comments about its unimaginative activities, Malta prefers to let its natural beauty, climate, and position speak for itself. When someone visits Malta, they cannot shake that esoteric feeling of being surrounded by a medieval topography. The city of Valletta holds high and mighty walls, a head nod to its once powerful days when Malta was considered an impenetrable fortress.

  • Different sources and individuals may place different degrees of importance upon the various individual qualities of a given destination, resulting in different lists. Multiple lists are displayed here for comparison and contrast.

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Antigua and BarbudaYesAvg highs 29°C/84°F, beaches, seafood barbeques, wildlife viewing, secluded and relaxing beaches for those seeking them.
ArgentinaYes15YesYesBuenos Aires - Avg. highs 25°C/77°F, food and wine, dancing the tango, soccer fans, shopping. | Patagonia (shared w/ Chile) - Avg. highs 18°C/64°F, rugged natural scenery (glaciers, grasslands, lakes, mountains, deserts), wildlife (pumas, or whales, penguins, dolphins, and more at Valdes peninsula), national parks, spring flowers, hiking.
Australia3Snorkeling and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, outdoor adventures, wildlife viewing, Sydney Opera House.
BhutanYesHiking in Himalayan mountains, scenic beauty.
BotswanaYesWildlife viewing in Chobe (zebra, impalas, leopards, migrating birds)
Cambodia18Angot Wat temple, islands and beaches, markets, Cambodian history and culture.
CanadaYesYukon - Avg. highs -4°C/25°F, Northern lights, elk, natural beauty (forests, tundra, lakes, mountains).
ChileYesYesPatagonia (shared w/ Argentina) - Avg. highs 18°C/64°F, rugged natural scenery (glaciers, grasslands, lakes, mountains, deserts), wildlife (pumas), Torres del Paine National Park, spring flowers, hiking.
Costa Rica13National parks, jungle adventures, beaches and ocean, eco-tourism.
CubaYesYesAvg. highs 29°C/84°F, beaches and beach hut hotels, boutique bars and hotels, Havana nightlife, classic cars, natural beauty.
DenmarkYesCopenhagen - Cozy bars and cafes, art galleries, amusement parks, canals, architecture both modern and historic, Nyhaven, Tivoli Gardens
EgyptYes14Avg. highs 26°C/79°F, Pyramids of Giza, Nile river cruises, temples and tombs in Luxor, Egyptian culture.
EthiopiaYesAddis Ababa, Bahir Dar/Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls, National Parks (Simien Mountains, Awash, Nago), Arba Minch, Danakil Depression, rock-hewn churches (in Gheralta, Lalibela), Lake Langano.
GermanyYesChristmas markets (starting mid-November), especially in Cologne, Dresden, Berlin.
GreeceYes7YesYesAthens - Avg highs 18°C/64°F, sightseeing with blue skies, but without summer heat; the Acropolis, Parthenon, and other ruins; art galleries, performance spaces, and clubs; cuisine; nightlife; National Archeological Museum.
GuatemalaYesMayan ruins and spider monkey viewing at Tikal.
Hong KongYesAvg. highs 24°C/75°F, rooftop bars, lights over Victoria Harbour, Chinatown, cuisine and street food, art, shopping, beaches, hiking.
HungaryYesBudapest - Ice skating, Szechenyi Baths (thermal baths), architecture, cuisine.
IcelandYes12Avg highs 04°C/39°F, Northern lights, hot springs, rugged natural beauty.
IndiaYesYesKerala - 81°C/88°F, lush green foliage, serene palm-edged beaches and mangrove-lined backwaters, boating, Fort Cochin. | Varanasi - Diwali of the Gods celebrations.
Italy4Historical ruins and architecture in Rome, canals of Venice, cuisine, olive harvest.
JapanYes1Avg. highs 18°C/64°F, autumn foliage, cuisine, art, scenic landscapes and temples.
LatviaIndependence day celebrations and fireworks in Riga.
Maldives5Beaches and ocean; luxury resorts; snorkeling, diving, and water sports; island tours.
MaltaYesValletta - Avg. highs 20°C/68°F, sunshine and beaches, scenic forts and palazzos, luxurious hotels.
MexicoYes20YesBeaches and ocean, cuisine, Mayan and Aztec ruins. | Michoacan - Dia de los Muertos celebrations (around Nov 02). | Sayulita - Avg highs 33°C/91°F, Pacific coast surfing, boutiques, street food, whale watching.
MoroccoYes6Ancient palaces and mosques, Sahara desert tours, cuisine. | Essaouira - Avg highs 22°C/72°F, beaches, surfing, seafood, art galleries and boutiques, local crafts.
NamibiaYesAvg highs 31°C/82°F, vast desert landscapes, wildlife watching (elephants, lions, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards).
NepalYes16Avg. highs 23°C/73°F, hiking in Himalayas, Annapurna Circuit, Mount Everest, Kathmandu, Buddhist monasteries, gardens, street food, wildlife in Chitwan.
New ZealandYes2YesAvg highs 22°C/72°F, geography enabling both cold- and warm-weather activities (skiing, swimming, white-water rafting, glacier hiking, skydiving), hot springs, beaches, lodges and camping, natural beauty, whale watching, flowers in bloom, rhododendrons and volcano viewing in Pukekura Park, vineyards, Hapuku Tree Houses and Lodge.
OmanYesYesAvg highs 30°C/86°F, dramatic scenery, beaches, architecture, camping and excursions, Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, Anbantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort wilderness hotel, Wadi Ghul (the Omani Grand Canyon), Muscat’s old town, Ramlet Jadilah sand dune.
Peru11Machu Picchu, hiking the Inca Trail, exploring the Amazon rainforest, city of Cusco.
PortugalYes17Lisbon - Avg highs 20°C/68°F, budget-friendly but still appealing restaurants and shops, riverfront promenade in Cais do Sodré,
South Africa8Wildlife viewing in Kruger National Park, coastal scenic drives, sightseeing in Cape Town.
South KoreaYes10Seoul - Avg. highs 12°C/54°F, scenic temples, dog cafes, street food, classic architecture, autumn foliage, hiking and parks, Jeju island.
SpainYesYesAndalucia - Avg. highs 20°C/68°F, architecture, beaches, kayaking, art museums, Carnival of Cádiz, Marbella's beach clubs, Sierra de las Nieves national park. | Córdoba - UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Mosque of Cordoba, the Medina Azahara, and the Historic Centre, tapas bars. | Málaga - Nightlife, art and Picasso museums. | Tenerife - Avg highs 23°C/73°F, beaches, architecture, art, whale watching, stargazing.
Sri Lanka19YesBeaches and ocean, ruins of Anuradhapura, wildlife safaris, tea plantations, Sigiriya, Colombo, Kandy, and Gale.
SwedenYesStockholm - Avg. highs 06°C/43°F, cuisine, pubs, nightlife, museums.
SwitzerlandYesVerbier - Avg highs 03°C/37°F, world-class skiing and tobogganing in the Alps, natural beauty, ample after-skiing options.
ThailandYesYesBeaches, food, ancient temples, Ang Thong National Marine Park, the Grand Palace, Bangkok nightlife, Loi Krathong celebrations (Chiang Mai especially).
United KingdomYesYesEngland - South Downs - Avg high 11°C/52°F, Guy Fawkes' Night (Nov. 5), scenic hiking, wine, antiques. | South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (UK territory) - wildlife viewing (penguins, whales, dolphins, seals).
United StatesYesYesYesArizona - Phoenix - Avg highs 25°C/77°F, the Grand Canyon, hiking and Southwestern views, art and architecture, Desert Botanical Garden, Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, Phoenix Zoo. | California - Santa Monica - Beach and ocean, Amusement parks (Santa Monica Pier Pacific Park, Not too far from Disneyland), shopping in Beverly Hills. | Colorado - Avg. highs 14°C/57°F, skiing; hip cafes, taprooms, and coffee bars; Dunton Hot Springs; shopping and restaurants. | Florida - Beaches and ocean, Disney World, birdwatching at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, manatees in the Everglades. | Hawaii - Beaches and ocean, Waikiki Holiday Parade, Turtle Bay Resort. | Nevada - Las Vegas - Avg. highs 21°C/70°F, casinos on the Strip. | New York City - Shopping and nightlife, Broadway, sightseeing.
UruguayYesFew other tourists, surfing (Corumba, La Paloma, Punto Del Diablo), colonial towns, scenic national parks, Art Deco architecture in Montevideo,
Vietnam9Street food, scenic Hạ Long Bay, Khai Dinh Tomb, beaches and scuba and snorkeling (Con Dao, Cham, Phu Quoc islands), caving and Buddhist shrines in Marble mountains, Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, caves (Tam Coc, Phong Nha, Hang Son Doong), Hang Nga's Guesthouse, Nha Trang resort, Mui Ne beach and sand dunes, Thien Mu pagoda.
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What is the best country to visit in November?

Spain, Mexico, Morocco, and Malta are all great countries to visit in the month of November.

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