Infrastructure by Country 2023

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How Infrastructure by Country is Ranked

Infrastructure by country is ranked on a scale of one to seven, with the higher numbers indicating the country is strong in its infrastructure and infrastructure plan. It is the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Survey that has selected the ranking system and chooses the numbers when ranking infrastructure by country.

No country has ranked as a perfect 7, but a few have come close. Many countries have superior infrastructure within the nation. The strongest countries in infrastructure will have both excellent infrastructure within the country, and a sound plan of building progress for the future.

Netherlands Likes Transportation

Transportation is the infrastructure of choice for the Netherlands, which ranks at 6.4 on infrastructure. The Netherlands serves as a key gateway into Europe and needs a strong transportation system. With over 80 thousand miles of roads for vehicles, and 90 percent of them paved, the Netherlands is a strong bridge to the rest of the world, literally.

Canada’s Wealth Management Shows

Canada ranks 5.7 in infrastructure by country rankings, and a lot of this has to do with wealth management. Although not over 6, it is not a small number. Canada’s infrastructure plan can be viewed in any aerial shot at night of cities such as Toronto, where superdomes and long and winding roads of major highways connecting the entire country to one city prevail.

Additionally, the country brings governing into the plan of infrastructure and there is always a plan to put more money into the roads, bridges, and buildings of the nation. Billions connect this land and its people, and it shows. This is a country that wants its people to make money, and it will spend a little to get them there.

United States Rail and Air Gets You There

The United States ranks slightly higher than Canada when it comes to infrastructure, with a ranking of 5.9. The focus in the United States is on the infrastructure that supports transportation, although the country is also committed to job-creation strategies in its planning. At the same time, the policy is married with multiple goals.

So you will see infrastructure budgets here that target the jobless, climate change, and ways to get to work in the same policy. The United States loses a decimal point on occasion because its focus on progress often results in a lack of management in some roads or buildings. However, it has the best postal system and the infrastructure to support it in the world. They try to please everyone within, but can only do so much, like any democratic government of a republic.

Infrastructure by Country 2023

Infrastructure by Country 2023