Kratom Legality by Country 2023

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Inside Europe, countries are primarily bound to the constraints established within the European Union. However, free trade of people and goods is up to the individual countries. It follows that respective European countries can enjoy freedom when banning, or legalizing, a new substance. When it comes to Kratom, however, most European countries have banned this substance.


In Canada, Kratom is ruled unsafe for human consumption. Further, selling and trading this herbal supplement is illegal and can lead to harsh penalties or even jail time. However, Kratom is not listed as a banned substance but is simply unsafe for humans. This tiny designation is a small loophole that opens the door for legalization in Canada in the future.


Kratom is slowly increasing in popularity in Mexico, leaving questions surrounding this herb's legality. Currently, Mexico does not list Kratom, nor any of its active ingredients, as controlled substances. Because the substance is not controlled, it is legal to use and carry Kratom in Mexico. Kratom can be legally purchased throughout Mexico, although it may be challenging to find. Because Kratom is growing in popularity, many products for sale can be mislabeled and misleading, trying to bolster sales.

The United States

Currently, the legality of Kratom in the United States varies based on the state. There have been no federal-level regulations surrounding Kratom. Some states will declare Kratom dangerous for human consumption and thus illegal, while others will not. Always check with the local state and government before assuming Kratom is legal.


Regarding Kratom, Argentina is the only country in Latin America that specifically mentions it. This herb contains mitragynine which is considered an illegal substance according to Decree 69/2017.


Like other countries, the use and legality of Kratom in China seem questionable. While there is nothing explicitly stating Kratom or its ingredients are illegal or controlled, there is also no legislation stating the drug is legal. Generally speaking, transporting, selling, and using Kratom in China is not advised.


Recently, Israel passed legislation that declared Mitragynine and Hydroxymitragynine illegal in the country. Because Kratom contains both of these chemicals, the drug is considered illegal. Israel further classifies Kratom as a "dangerous drug" by the Department of Health.


In Australia, Kratom is considered a schedule 9 substance. Because of this classification, Kratom was completely banned from the country. The designation implies that Kratom is a narcotic drug that is illegal to use, own, or transport in Australia. A loophole in the law may allow Kratom to be used for research purposes. New Zealand adopted similar legislation surrounding Australia following this ruling.

Kratom Legality by Country 2023

Kratom Legality by Country 2023