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Most Dangerous Countries in Europe 2023

Most countries in Europe are very safe to visit (as are most countries in North America, Asia, and Oceania, though South America and Africa merit extra caution). Europe is a popular tourist destination for people worldwide, including those from Asia and the United States. Furthermore, United States citizens can visit all of the countries in the European Union, plus Great Britain, without requiring a visa. One of the best ways to determine which countries are safer than others is to examine their Global Peace Index score.

What Is the GPI?

The Global Peace Index, also known as the GPI, is the main metric used to quantify the safety of a specific country. GPI is a comparative metric that is used to rate the safety or danger of different countries all over the world. Several factors are taken into account. In general, the higher the GPI, the less safe the country is. Some of the most important factors include the rate of violent crime, a country's relationship with its neighbors, whether the country is currently at war, the frequency of terrorist attacks, and the stability of the government. Some countries in Europe are particularly dangerous right now.

Is It Safe To Go To Ukraine?

Without a doubt, the most dangerous country in Europe right now is Ukraine. Typically, this is a beautiful country to visit with a lot to offer; however, Ukraine was recently invaded by Russia, so it is an active war zone. In general, the Western portion of the country is safer than the Eastern portion, which is where Russia invaded, but tourists need to stay away from Ukraine right now. Civilians run the risk of getting kidnapped by Russia and used as bargaining chips.

Is Turkey Safe To Visit?

In general, Turkey is safe to visit, but it is one of the most dangerous places in Europe. When visiting Turkey, staying closer to some of the larger cities is always better. Examples include Istanbul and Ankara. Furthermore, tourists are usually better off traveling with an organized tour group. That way, they don't run the risk of getting lost. Turkey has also struggled with the refugee crisis in Europe, which has created tension within its borders.

Can You Visit Kosovo?

It is possible for people to visit Kosovo, but this is not a very safe location. The country is still struggling economically, and it still does not have a very good relationship with Serbia. Ever since the breakup of Yugoslavia, Kosovo has been struggling to support itself. Furthermore, people need to be very careful as they walk around the cities in this tiny country. There are a lot of mines and weapons that were never truly deactivated, so disastrous accidents can happen. People typically prefer to stay away from Kosovo, but if you want to travel there, consider going with a local guide who can help you stay safe.

- The Global Peace Index (GPI) is an annual assessment of the level of peace in each of the world's countries, which takes into account external factors such as wars and terrorist attacks, internal factors such as civil unrest or revolutions, and the duration of ongoing conflicts. Lower scores indicate greater peace and safety.

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Global Peace Index
Bosnia and Herzegovina1.892
showing: 10 rows

Which country in Europe is the most dangerous?

The most dangerous country is Ukraine due to conflict with Russia.

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