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US Tax Treaty Countries 2024


The least surprising name on the list of US tax treaty countries, China, is the largest exporter (over $400 billion in goods exports) to the world's largest importer. Those "made in China" tags seem to be found everywhere in America because they are everywhere in America!


Despite its proximity to the US, Mexico might be one of the more surprising US tax treaty countries on the list due to its struggling economic state. That, however, doesn't change the fact that this southern US neighbor has a tax treaty for obvious reasons, like more than $300 billion in goods exports worth of reasons.


The northern US neighbor, Canada, by contrast, is not such a surprising tax treaty country in part due to its viable economic status. Imports to the US from nearby Canada also exceed more than $300 billion annually.


Despite its size, Japan is also another name that shouldn't be a surprise on the list of US tax treaty countries. And if this small country was larger, it just might rule the world, or at least the world of imports (historically more than $100 billion per year in goods exports) to the US!


The land of Colonel Klink, aka Germany, is another country that might surprise many on the list of US tax treaty countries, at least when considering the number of dollars in imported goods (more than $100 billion). Much of this, we have to imagine, is due to auto imports from Germany's robust automobile manufacturing market.

United Kingdom

Affectionately known as simply the UK in the US, the United Kingdom is likely on the list of US tax treaty countries in large part to the import of services (over $50 billion). The UK, in addition to being an amiable business partner, is also the leading importer of services to the US.


The land of the Irish, Ireland, is also a name on the list of countries with a US tax treaty, and that is also due to its considerable volume of business with the US. This small country is one of the leading purchasers of US service exports (in excess of $50 billion), meaning it is good to do business with Ireland.


One more surprising name on the list of US tax treaty countries is Honduras. While smaller in pure geographical size, Honduras is among the top 100 largest trading partners with the US. Two-way trade is around $10 billion annually between the two countries.