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Which Countries Celebrate Ramadan in 2024?

Ramadan 2022 started on April 1, and May 1 marks the last day of it for this year. Most of the countries that partake in this month-long observance every year come from Northern Africa, The Middle East, Southern Europe and Southern Asia just above Australia.

What is Ramadan?

People actively participating in the Muslim faith regard Ramadan as the most important month in the Islamic calendar, during which time they fast from dawn until sunset. This event originated after God revealed the Qur'an to the Prophet Mohammed, according to Islamic history.

Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, sex, or any other activity that would break their fast when observing Ramadan. This usually continues for at least 29 to 30 days. It ends with a three-day “Festival of Breaking Fast,” which carries over into the 10th month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

What Countries Observe Ramadan?

Iran, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and India name some of the countries that celebrate Ramadan. Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Indonesia include more. Each location has its unique way of honoring this yearly Islamic tradition, but it usually includes fasting, prayer, singing and greetings (positive, inspirational quotes).

Ramadan Highlights

It’s impossible to record how about two dozen countries honors the Ramadan days around the world. These highlights include some of the most popular ways to participate. Iran

Not all Iranian subcultures celebrate Ramadan in the same way. For instance, the Mazandaran people start their fasts three days before the month of Sha'ban ends. This comes right before Ramadan starts.

East Azarbaijani women and girls create a bag and send money in it to their families. They do this with the belief that their crafts will stop them from experiencing poverty.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE carries out the Ramadan holiday in tents, and people from multiple locations around the globe flock to the UAE to experience the festive atmosphere.

Children also keep themselves occupied, having fun playing games. This observance may not have the somber appeal that it may in other countries, but that depends on family traditions.


Early in the morning, Delhi's Seheriwala (or zohridaars) people roam the city's streets. This group of people, who stand for the historic Mughal culture and tradition of the city, chant Allah’s and Muhammad’s name. The Seheriwala partake in Muslim traditions that have carried on for centuries.


Residents in Turkey relish in coffee along with baklava, a flaky, sweet treat usually eaten with a fork. Other Turkish post-Ramadan desserts enjoyed include the Kadayifi, which is a bread pudding, and fruit-based desserts. Turkey also hosts renowned for Ramadan Festival, also known as the Sugar Feast, that visitors traveling to the country often participate in.


The family's eldest member traditionally hosts Iftar, the meal occurring at Ramadan end, in their home. Children join a "Masaharati" before the sun rises to wake up the village's residents.

After that, they can eat before the fasting day begins. Egypt usually savors delectable foods during this “breakfast” meal, such as "Khchaf,” a fruity jam made with dates, figs, and other fruits. They also may enjoy stuffed vine leaves or a chicken and potato dish.


During Ramadan, a town crier sings to proclaim the start of the day while marching down Morocco's streets blasting a horn. This celebratory act stirs excitement in people. This area’s practices date to the 17th century, when a friend of the Prophet Muhammad used to sing melodious prayers before daybreak.


Its diversity coming from all the islands that make up this country contributes to each location’s Ramadan traditions. For instance, some Indonesian Muslims partake in cleansing rituals right before Ramadan starts. Men, women and children wash themselves in public pools, natural springs or private bathtubs.

  • As Ramadan is a religious holiday unconfined by national boundaries, it is likely that Muslim communities in countries all over the world (including those not listed here) will celebrate Ramadan locally to some extent or another. Such celebrations are unlikely to be declared government-sanctioned holidays or to take place on a national scale, but this should not undermine their spiritual significance to those who observe them.

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First Day of Ramadan
AfghanistanMay 27
AlbaniaMay 27
AlgeriaMay 27
AustraliaMay 27
BahrainMay 27
BangladeshMay 28
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMay 27
BruneiMay 27
CanadaMay 27
EgyptMay 27
EthiopiaMay 27
GhanaMay 27
IndiaMay 28
IndonesiaMay 27
IranMay 27
IraqMay 27 (Sunni) and May 28 (Shia)
JordanMay 27
KuwaitMay 27
LebanonMay 27
LibyaMay 27
MalaysiaMay 27
MauritaniaMay 27
MoroccoMay 27
NigeriaMay 27
OmanMay 27
PakistanMay 28
PalestineMay 27
PhilippinesMay 27
QatarMay 27
Saudi ArabiaMay 27
SomaliaMay 27
South AfricaMay 27
SudanMay 27
SyriaMay 27
TunisiaMay 27
UgandaMay 27
United Arab EmiratesMay 27
United KingdomMay 27
United StatesMay 27
YemenMay 28
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How many countries celebrate Ramadan?

Most countries around the world have some sort of Ramadan celebration, but some of the most notable include Iran, UAE, India, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and Indonesia.

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