Abortions Due to Rape by State 2022

Rape Related Pregnancy

Rape-related pregnancy is often abbreviated to RRP. This term denotes a rape that has resulted in pregnancy. Not only is rape a crime, but it could be dangerous and potentially deadly. Aside from potential pregnancy, serious injury, infection, and sexually transmitted diseases can result from rape.

Considering the numbers, nearly 3 million women in the United States experienced a pregnancy due to rape at some point in their life. The occurrence of RRP was similar across Hispanic, White, Black, and non-Hispanic ethnic groups. Similar to RRP is a term called reproductive coercion. Nearly 30% of raped women have experienced some form of reproductive coercion. Reproductive coercion could be in the form of a partner who is not using birth control or prevents a woman from using birth control. Many pregnancies occur from reproductive coercion that goes unreported and rarely end in abortion. Nearly 30% of all reproductive coercion comes from a familiar and intimate partner.

Percentage of Abortions Due to Rape

Rape is an all too common crime reported daily throughout the country. This crime impacts women typically and, in some cases, can result in pregnancy. According to the statistics provided by women who receive an abortion, only about 1% of all women choose abortion because they became pregnant through rape. This statistic is used repeatedly by activists groups trying to criminalize abortion and is a central figure in the national debate surrounding abortion rights. Although the statistic is low, nearly 3/4 of all rapes are never reported but may result in pregnancy.

Understanding Abortion Percentages

When considering the rationale for people who choose to have an abortion, the number of abortions related to incest and rape is extremely low. Instead, most women choose to have an abortion because having a baby at that point in time would drastically change their lives. About 75% of women said a baby would negatively impact their lives, while 74% of women said they would not be able to afford a child, which has led to a decision to have an abortion. Almost half of the women asked, 48%, said they chose to have an abortion because they did not want to be a single mother, while 38% of women said they were already finished having children.

At the very opposite end of the spectrum, only 1% of all women had an abortion because it was a result of rape, and 0.5% of women had an abortion because it was the result of an incestuous relationship. However, many of these statistics may be skewed because nearly 75% of all rapes are not reported.

Abortions Due to Rape by State 2022