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Median Age by State 2023

The typical age of the United States population varies between states. To determine the median age in each state, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts the American Community Survey (ACS), an annual survey of millions of Americans about social, economic, and demographic attributes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The purpose of the survey is to help local officials, community leaders, and businesses understand better understand their communities.

The average age in the United States is 38.5 years old. This is a small increase from 38.2 in 2018. States in the western half of the United States tend to have a lower median age than states in the eastern half. The median age ranges from 31.2 years to 45.1 years. A couple of factors can explain the small increase in the country's median age. The first is that as life expectancy increases and people live longer, the median age will rise. Additionally, birth rates are the lowest they have been in decades. As fewer babies are being born, there are fewer young people to pull the median age down.

Youngest U.S. States

The ten states with the youngest median ages are: Utah (31.2), District of Columbia (34.3), Alaska (35), Texas (35.1, North Dakota (35.5), Nebraska (36.8), Idaho (36.9), Oklahoma (37), California (37), and Colorado (37.1). Utah has the youngest median age of 31.2 years, up slightly from 30.5 years in 2018. Approximately 29.0% of Utah's population is under 18, contributing to the lower median age. Additionally, only 11.4% of Utah's popualation is 65 or older, compared to the country's 16.5%.

Oldest U.S. State

The ten states with the oldest median ages are: Maine (45.1), New Hampshire (43), West Virginia (42.9), Vermont (42.8), Florida (42.4), Delaware (41.4), Connecticut (41.2), Pennsylvania (40.8), Montana (40.5), and New Jersey (40.2). Maine has the oldest median age in the United States of 45.1 years. This is attributed to the fact that Maine has a surplus of baby boomers and a shortage of young adults. About 21.2% of Maine's population is 65 and older, while only 18.5% is under 18.

Here are the 10 states with the highest median age:

  1. Maine - 44.8
  2. New Hampshire - 43
  3. Vermont - 42.8
  4. West Virginia - 42.7
  5. Florida - 42.2
  6. Connecticut - 41.1
  7. Delaware - 41
  8. Pennsylvania - 40.9
  9. Montana - 40.1
  10. New Jersey - 40

Median Age by State 2023

Median Age by State 2023

Median Age by State 2023