Swing States 2022

In the United States, a president is elected every four years. Some states in the U.S. are known as blue states, meaning that the Democratic presidential candidate will most likely win. There are also red states, which means that the Republican presidential candidate is most likely to get the majority votes. However, there are a handful of states that are known as swing states.

Swing states, which are also called purple states or battleground states, are states that don't lean toward one particular party. In these states, all major parties campaign heavily to get votes during competitive elections. In these states, it is often a very close race across the major parties. Swing states are the most critical states in many elections, as they are the tipping point for which candidate will win the Electoral College.

The battleground states may change during different election cycles. Polling data, nominees' ideologies, and demographics can be looked at to determine which states are considered swing states during any given election.

However, there are a few "perennial" swing states, meaning that election results have been close multiple times throughout the last several campaigns. Based on analytics from the last few presidential campaigns, the following states have been named as perennial swing states: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

2020 Election Swing States

The follow states were swing states in the 2020 Presidential Election: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. Of these states, President Joe Biden won Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Maine (three of the state's four electoral votes), Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Trump won Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas. Biden won the election with 306 electoral votes vs. Trump's 232 electoral votes.

Swing States 2022

State PVI Governor Party Senate Party House Balance 2022 Pop.
West VirginiaR+23RepublicanBoth3R1,755,715
North DakotaR+20RepublicanRepublican1R774,008
South DakotaR+16RepublicanRepublican1R902,542
KentuckyR+16RepublicanRepublican5R, 1D4,487,233
TexasR+15RepublicanRepublican23R, 13D30,097,526
AlabamaR+15RepublicanRepublican6R, 1D4,949,697
TennesseeR+14RepublicanRepublican7R, 2D7,001,803
LouisianaR+12DemocraticRepublican5R, 1D4,616,106
KansasR+11DemocraticRepublican3R, 1D2,919,179
IndianaR+11RepublicanRepublican7R, 2D6,842,385
MissouriR+10RepublicanRepublican6R, 2D6,184,843
MississippiR+9RepublicanRepublican3R, 1D2,961,536
South CarolinaR+8RepublicanRepublican6R, 1D5,342,388
OhioR+6RepublicanBoth12R, 4D11,727,377
IowaR+6RepublicanRepublican3D, 1R3,174,426
North CarolinaR+3DemocraticRepublican8R, 5D10,807,491
GeorgiaR+3RepublicanDemocratic8R, 6D10,936,299
FloridaR+3RepublicanRepublican16R, 11D22,177,997
ArizonaR+3RepublicanDemocratic5D, 4R7,640,796
WisconsinR+2RepublicanBoth5R, 3D5,867,518
PennsylvaniaR+2DemocraticBoth9D, 9R12,805,190
MichiganR+1DemocraticDemocratic7D, 7R9,995,212
New HampshireEvenRepublicanDemocratic2D1,378,449
NevadaEvenDemocraticDemocratic3D, 1R3,238,601
MinnesotaD+1DemocraticDemocratic4D, 4R5,739,781
VirginiaD+2DemocraticDemocratic7D, 4R8,638,218
New MexicoD+3DemocraticDemocratic2D, 1R2,109,093
ColoradoD+3DemocraticDemocratic4D, 3R5,961,083
OregonD+6DemocraticDemocratic4D, 1R4,325,290
New JerseyD+6DemocraticDemocratic10D, 2R8,870,685
IllinoisD+7DemocraticDemocratic13D, 5R12,518,071
WashingtonD+8DemocraticDemocratic7D, 3R7,887,965
Rhode IslandD+8DemocraticDemocratic2D1,062,583
New YorkD+10DemocraticDemocratic19D, 8R19,223,191
MarylandD+14RepublicanDemocratic7D, 1R6,075,314
CaliforniaD+14DemocraticDemocratic42D, 11R39,664,128

Swing States 2022