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Whitest States 2023

The United States is a country founded by European colonizers. Starting with Christopher Columbus and his crew's arrival in 1492, Native Americans were slowly yet surely being overrun, controlled, and pushed aside by white colonizers. History books certainly paint a different picture of how everything happened. Still, the truth is that white people took over, and the country has remained predominantly white ever since.

That said, as immigration rates increase, more people are entering the country in search of fulfilling the American dream. Therefore, the ratio of white people to non-white people is slowly balancing out. Based on the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the ten whitest U.S. states are:

  1. Maine - 94.4%
  2. Vermont - 94.2%
  3. West Virginia - 93.5%
  4. New Hampshire - 93.1%
  5. Idaho - 93.0%
  6. Wyoming - 92.5%
  7. Iowa - 90.6%
  8. Utah - 90.6%
  9. Montana - 88.9%
  10. Nebraska - 88.1%

Interestingly enough, the northeasternmost part of the United States has the highest percentage of white people compared to the other white populations across the nation.

The states with the highest overall white populations are California (28,409,288), Texas (22,819,758), Florida (16,602,290), and New York (13,539,678). This is likely because these are the four most populous states in the U.S., and over three-quarters of the country's overall population is white. Despite their large white populations, these four states are considered to be among the most diverse in the U.S.. The states with the lowest percentage of white people are Hawaii (25.5%), the District of Columbia (46.0%), and Maryland (58.5%).

Over time, the population of each state changes, and that includes how races, ethnicities, and nationalities are most popular in each of the fifty states. It can be very telling and fascinating to look at the trend of white people who lived in each state at a given time. Let's take a look down memory lane and reflect on how the white populations have changed over time.

Here are the 10 states with the largest white population:

  1. West Virginia - 96.51%
  2. Wyoming - 94.19%
  3. Maine - 94.10%
  4. Vermont - 92.64%
  5. New Hampshire - 91.99%
  6. Iowa - 89.52%
  7. Montana - 87.23%
  8. Kentucky - 87.04%
  9. Kansas - 86.00%
  10. Nebraska - 85.50%

Whitest States 2023

Whitest States 2023

* White alone or in combination with one or more other races

Whitest States 2023