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Population of Counties in Kansas (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Johnson County625,3832.33%1831,319Johnson County location
Sedgwick County531,5701.29%385533Sedgwick County location
Shawnee County177,955-0.42%210327Shawnee County location
Wyandotte County164,936-2.36%591,085Wyandotte County location
Douglas County121,0991.95%176266Douglas County location
Leavenworth County84,1142.62%179182Leavenworth County location
Riley County71,241-1.08%235117Riley County location
Butler County68,9752.35%55248Butler County location
Reno County61,442-0.7%48449Reno County location
Saline County52,807-2.67%27873Saline County location
Crawford County38,383-1.45%22865Crawford County location
Finney County37,293-2.64%50329Finney County location
Miami County35,8494.75%22262Miami County location
Geary County34,565-5.97%14990Geary County location
Ford County34,036-0.52%42431Ford County location
Cowley County33,891-1.86%43530Cowley County location
Harvey County33,337-1.91%20862Harvey County location
Lyon County32,3130.62%32738Lyon County location
Montgomery County30,283-3.57%24947Montgomery County location
McPherson County30,119-0.22%34734McPherson County location
Ellis County28,780-0.58%34732Ellis County location
Pottawatomie County26,4724.18%32531Pottawatomie County location
Franklin County26,2911.12%22146Franklin County location
Barton County24,740-2.7%34528Barton County location
Sumner County22,309-0.09%45619Sumner County location
Seward County20,789-4.89%24732Seward County location
Labette County19,754-2.06%24931Labette County location
Cherokee County19,083-1.17%22732Cherokee County location
Dickinson County18,5350.88%32722Dickinson County location
Jefferson County18,300-0.13%20634Jefferson County location
Atchison County15,979-2.14%16637Atchison County location
Osage County15,9431.28%27323Osage County location
Neosho County15,257-4.07%22027Neosho County location
Bourbon County14,3730.27%24523Bourbon County location
Jackson County13,4441.55%25320Jackson County location
Allen County12,335-1.58%19325Allen County location
Marion County11,597-1.66%36412Marion County location
Nemaha County10,064-1.93%27714Nemaha County location
Linn County9,9433.71%22917Linn County location
Marshall County9,874-1.49%34711Marshall County location
Rice County9,150-2.55%28013Rice County location
Brown County9,127-3.64%22016Brown County location
Pratt County9,091-0.57%28412Pratt County location
Cloud County8,774-2.61%27612Cloud County location
Coffey County8,250-1.28%24213Coffey County location
Wilson County8,210-4.33%22014Wilson County location
Clay County7,973-1.82%24912Clay County location
Anderson County7,8780.5%22414Anderson County location
Thomas County7,822-1.39%4157Thomas County location
Doniphan County7,5110.5%15219Doniphan County location
Wabaunsee County7,1053.11%3069Wabaunsee County location
Grant County7,044-3.85%22212Grant County location
Kingman County6,958-6.29%3338Kingman County location
Russell County6,7130.52%3428Russell County location
Ellsworth County6,331-0.6%2769Ellsworth County location
Pawnee County6,064-3.07%2918Pawnee County location
Greenwood County5,832-2.43%4415Greenwood County location
Ottawa County5,8301.76%2788Ottawa County location
Sherman County5,812-1.44%4086Sherman County location
Gray County5,7752.27%3357Gray County location
Mitchell County5,708-1.13%2718Mitchell County location
Washington County5,515-0.27%3456Washington County location
Harper County5,470-0.04%3097Harper County location
Norton County5,335-2.16%3396Norton County location
Morris County5,268-1.88%2688Morris County location
Stevens County4,988-4.86%2817Stevens County location
Scott County4,837-5.88%2777Scott County location
Rooks County4,746-3%3445Rooks County location
Phillips County4,739-4.47%3425Phillips County location
Republic County4,601-1.35%2776Republic County location
Barber County4,018-4.29%4384Barber County location
Meade County3,909-3.74%3784Meade County location
Stafford County3,847-4.99%3065Stafford County location
Kearny County3,781-4.57%3364Kearny County location
Haskell County3,665-2.53%2236Haskell County location
Smith County3,6081.15%3454Smith County location
Osborne County3,373-3.35%3454Osborne County location
Chautauqua County3,307-2.33%2475Chautauqua County location
Woodson County3,1130.45%1926Woodson County location
Lincoln County2,929-0.68%2784Lincoln County location
Jewell County2,809-4.03%3513Jewell County location
Decatur County2,735-0.87%3453Decatur County location
Gove County2,7280.52%4143Gove County location
Rush County2,719-7.45%2774Rush County location
Trego County2,716-3.1%3433Trego County location
Edwards County2,706-6.17%2404Edwards County location
Cheyenne County2,6541.53%3943Cheyenne County location
Logan County2,627-4.09%4142Logan County location
Chase County2,5900.74%2983Chase County location
Ness County2,579-3.52%4152Ness County location
Morton County2,559-5.22%2824Morton County location
Elk County2,4860.16%2494Elk County location
Hamilton County2,422-2.61%3852Hamilton County location
Sheridan County2,407-1.55%3463Sheridan County location
Rawlins County2,403-6.57%4132Rawlins County location
Graham County2,355-2%3473Graham County location
Kiowa County2,343-4.56%2793Kiowa County location
Wichita County2,086-2.93%2783Wichita County location
Stanton County1,835-11.95%2623Stanton County location
Clark County1,755-11.32%3762Clark County location
Comanche County1,620-3.46%3042Comanche County location
Hodgeman County1,613-7.14%3322Hodgeman County location
Wallace County1,5250.86%3532Wallace County location
Lane County1,514-3.44%2772Lane County location
Greeley County1,130-11.3%3001Greeley County location
showing: 105 rows

There are 105 counties in Kansas. Of the 105 counties in Kansas, Johnson County is the most populous. Johnson County has a population of 597,555 people, about 20.52% of the state’s total population. Johnson County has grown about 9.51% since the 2010 Census. Sedgwick County is the second-largest county in Kansas and the only other county with over 500,000 people, with a population of 513,607 people. Sedgwick comprises 17.64% of the state’s population and has grown about 2.90% since the 2010 Census. Wyandotte County is the third-most populous county in Kansas, with a population of 165,324. Wyandotte County is also home to Kansas City. Wyandotte comprises about 5.68% of Kansas’s population and has grown 4.88% since the 2010 Census.

Kansas Counties with the Fewest Residents

Greeley County is the smallest county in Kansas in terms of population size, home to only 1,227 people. This is only 0.04% of the state’s total population. The population density in Greeley County is only 1.58 persons per square kilometer. While the county already has a very small population, it has declined by 2.46% since the 2010 Census.

The next two counties with the fewest residents are Wallace (1,503) and Lane (1,560), comprising only about 0.10% of Kansas’s total population together. Wallace County has a population density of just 1.65 persons per square kilometer and Lane County’s is 2.17 persons per square kilometer. While Wallace County has grown 1.55% since 2010, Lane County has shrunk by 10.14%.

Kansas Counties with Rapid Growth

Only one county in Kansas has experienced double-digit growth since 2010: Pottawatomie County. Pottawatomie County has grown by 11.73% since the Census. Despite this growth, its population is still relatively small at 24,277 people, just 0.83% of the state’s population.

The next three fastest-growing counties in Kansas are Johnson, Douglas, and Leavenworth. These counties have grown 9.51%, 9.21%, and 6.33% respectively since 2010.

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