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Population of Counties in Wyoming (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Laramie County101,1870.45%1K38Laramie County location
Natrona County80,3590.07%2.1K15Natrona County location
Campbell County47,9371.68%1.9K10Campbell County location
Sweetwater County41,124-2.54%4K4Sweetwater County location
Fremont County40,0642.2%3.5K4Fremont County location
Albany County38,3363.3%1.6K9Albany County location
Sheridan County33,0036.46%97413Sheridan County location
Park County30,9654.37%2.7K4Park County location
Teton County23,167-0.91%1.5K6Teton County location
Lincoln County21,0897.28%1.6K5Lincoln County location
Uinta County20,7631.5%80410Uinta County location
Carbon County14,130-2.61%3K2Carbon County location
Converse County13,8530.78%1.6K3Converse County location
Goshen County12,6481.06%8596Goshen County location
Big Horn County12,1575.86%1.2K4Big Horn County location
Sublette County9,1865.15%1.9K2Sublette County location
Johnson County8,7993.92%1.6K2Johnson County location
Platte County8,440-2.21%8034Platte County location
Crook County7,7658.18%1.1K3Crook County location
Washakie County7,6960.51%8643Washakie County location
Weston County6,758-0.85%9263Weston County location
Hot Springs County4,6991.69%7742Hot Springs County location
Niobrara County2,360-3.83%1K1Niobrara County location

There are 23 counties in Wyoming. The most populous county in the state is Laramie County, which is home to 98,976 residents. Laramie County accounts for 17.13% of Wyoming’s total population. Laramie County is also home to Cheyenne, the state capital. The second-most populous county is Natrona County, which has a population of 79,115 people, comprising 13,69% of Wyoming’s population. This is followed by Campbell County with a population of 46,140, accounting for 7.99% of the state’s population.

Wyoming Counties with the Fewest Residents

Of Wyoming’s 23 counties, Niobrara County is the least populous with 2,388 residents. Niobrara’s population accounts for just 0.41% of the state’s total population. Following Niobrara County is Hot Springs County with 4,555 people, comprising 0.79% of the state’s population. Weston County is the third-least populous county in Wyoming with 6,967 people, 1.21% of the population.

Five other counties have populations below 10,000: Crook, Washakie, Johnson, Platte, and Sublette.

Wyoming Counties with Rapid Growth

The Wyoming county with the highest population growth since the 2010 Census is Teton County, which grew by 8.38%. This is followed by Lincoln County and Laramie County, which have grown by 7.38% and 7.31% respectively.

While several counties have experienced population growth since 2010, others have experienced population decline. Washakie County experienced the most significant population decline of 7.56%, followed by Carbon County (5.53%) and Hot Springs (5.32%).

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