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Bitcoin Mining by Country 2024

China Shuts Bitcoin Mining Down

When countries are tackling the issue of ranking in bitcoin mining, China, the United States, and Kazakhstan are the names of the nations you will hear the most. China has shut it down, making the practice of bitcoin mining in many illegal.

Bitcoin trading is a cryptocurrency exchange, where bitcoin is a digital marker on a digital ledger called a blockchain. Making money from currency exchange is a practice used by investors all over the world and it is, when declared and taxed, completely legal. Bitcoin mining is a way of making money by solving a mathematical formula.

One miner can earn a block of bitcoin in ten minutes by simply performing this mathematical formula, and earning $250,000 in just that amount of time. China has shut this down, and this rocked the world of bitcoin mining, but China saw it as a threat to its entire economy.

The United States Does Not Regulate Bitcoin Mining

America is a leader in ranking when it comes to bitcoin mining by country, making it legal. In this country, it is no different than going to the bank with some money from one country and cashing it in for more money for another country. Miners with a math gene will do well in New York and also in Texas, among the most common regions in America to mine some bitcoin.

The infrastructure required for miners to do their work is relatively affordable and includes a device, Wifi connection, and electric power. It’s not difficult to learn, and America offers the tools and support for potential miners.

Kazakhstan Mines Bitcoin for Coal

Kazakhstan is a bitcoin miner powered by coal as coal is cheap and its power efficiency is driving the bitcoin mining business in the country. It is also home to a desert where 50,000 computers are established in Ekibastuz so that the miners can get it down.

Here, bitcoin miners work 12-hour shifts for two weeks straight until the bitcoin is mined. This is not going to be criminalized any time soon, with Kazakhstan ranking in the world as a leader in this industry.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is measured in units called hash rate, where the hash rate refers to how fast each second a computation can occur on a machine. The network is leveraged to create a transaction and process it. The faster the hash rate, the more money is made. The leading bitcoin mining by countries and their hash rates are as follows:

  1. United States: 35.4%
  1. Kazakhstan: 18.1%
  2. Russia: 11.23%
  3. Canada: 9.55%
  1. Ireland: 4.68%
  2. Malaysia: 4.58%
  3. Germany: 4.48%
  1. Iran: 3.1%
  • Totals in Germany and Ireland are likely significantly inflated due to redirected IP addresses via the use of VPN or proxy services. There is little known evidence of large mining operations in either country that would justify the displayed figures.
  • A small amount of Bitcoin mining takes place in non-country territories (Cayman Islands, Taiwan, etc). As such, totals will not add up to 100%.

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Which country mined the most Bitcoin?

The United States has mined the most Bitcoin, at 35.4%.

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