Countries with a Green Flag 2023

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What Countries Have Green Flags?

Country flags come in a wide variety of colors, and some colors are more common than others. In total, there are 193 flags flying outside of the United Nations in New York. 68 of these blacks have a green color somewhere on them. The green color comes in a variety of shapes, with some countries having a light green flag while other countries have a dark green flag. Green is also a very popular color for a country's flag, with the other most popular colors being red, white, and blue.

Saudia Arabia Has a Green Flag

Saudi Arabia is one of the major countries to have green as the dominant color on its flag. The country is dark green with an Arabic inscription and white on the flag. Finally, there is a sword on the flag as well. The green color is representative of the Islamic religion. The white sword represents the strict laws of the country and the application of justice to all those who go against the laws of Saudi Arabia.

Brazil Has a Green Flag

Brazil is perhaps the largest country that has a green flag. The flag is a light green color with a blue ball in the middle. Then, there is a yellow diamond in the center of the green flag that sits behind the blue disc. The blue disc itself is supposed to be representative of the starry sky. Finally, there is a white curved band on the flag. The band contains white letters that are indicative of the motto of Brazil itself.

Pakistan Has a Green Flag

Pakistan, which shares a border with India, also has a green flag. The green is supposed to represent a green field. Then, there is a white star with a crescent on the side of the flag with the Hoist. There is also a vertical white stripe on the side of the flag.

Zambia Has a Green Flag

Zambia also has a flag with a dominant green color in the middle. The green is supposed to represent a field, and there is an orange eagle flying over vertical stripes. The stripes are orange, black, and red. Each of the colored stripes stands for something different, but green is still the dominant color of the flag of Zambia.

What Countries Have a Single Green Band?

Even though these countries do not have green as the dominant color on the flag, there are plenty of countries that have a green stripe on the flag. For example, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Madagascar, Bolivia, and Ghana all have flags that have a horizontal green stripe on them.

On the other hand, there are several countries that also have a vertical green band as well. For example, Algeria, Benin, Ireland, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Portugal all have flags that have a vertical green band on them. Green means different things to different countries, but green remains one of the most popular colors to be used on country flags.

Countries with a Green Flag 2023

Countries with a Green Flag 2023