What Countries Have Tornadoes? 2022

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The United States

The United States leads as the country with the highest number of tornadoes. The country experiences an average of 1200 tornadoes every year. While tornadoes happen almost anywhere and anytime around the year, they commonly occur in the Southeast and Midwest of the United States in early summer and late spring. The worst tornado outbreak in the United States happened on March 18, 1925, when it swept over three states, killing more than 695 people. Another devastating outbreak was in 1974 where more than 300 people lost their lives.


Canada experiences the highest number of tornadoes after the United States. On average, the country records 80 to 100 outbreaks between March and October. While you cannot compare Canada’s severity and frequency of tornadoes to that of the United States, it has recorded destructive tornadoes over the years. The worst tornado ever recorded happened in 1912, which occurred in the city of Regina (measuring F4 on the Fujita Scale), which destroyed the city’s central library, churches, and killed 28 people.


This country records the highest number of tornadoes in a square mile globally, with an average of 34 strikes in a year. You’re likely to find the country’s twisters in the Thames Valley near the cities of London and Reading. The other vulnerable region is the route from Manchester to Boston, close to the Welsh border. On the Fujita scale, tornadoes in England measure F0 or F1, which is relatively weaker than the F4 and F4 storms in the United States and Canada. Despite their low strength, they can still cause significant damage. A notable case is an F2 tornado in Birmingham in 2005, which had wind speeds of up to 157 miles per hour and injured 19 people.

New Zealand

Tornadoes are not very rampant in the country, with an average of ten strong tornadoes every year. New Zealand records most of its tornadoes on the North Island. Unlike those in the United States that track for up to 60 miles and reach speeds of 112 miles an hour, tornadoes in New Zealand cover short distances. This is why there have been few fatalities recorded over the years. The most destructive tornado recorded in the country’s history is the 1948 tornado in Hamilton, which damaged 170 houses and killed three people.


This country's climate and topography make it the ideal place for tornadic activities. In addition, Bangladesh's poor home construction makes tornadoes dangerous in the region. The worst tornado recorded in the country's history was on April 26, 1989, which resulted in the death of 1300 people. More than 80,000 people were left homeless, and 12,000 sustained injuries. The other destructive tornado happened in 1964 in Khulna Division which left more than 500 people dead.


This South American country experiences about seven tornadoes every year. The country recorded its worst tornado in 1973 in San Justo, which killed more than 54 people and damaged 500 homes. The area had also witnessed another tornado two decades earlier, which overturned a train, injuring 48 passengers.

What Countries Have Tornadoes? 2022

What Countries Have Tornadoes? 2022