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Population of Counties in Nevada (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Clark County2,350,6113.33%7.9K298Clark County location
Washoe County499,0642.33%6.3K79Washoe County location
Lyon County63,5386.85%2K32Lyon County location
Carson City58,007-1.16%145400Carson City location
Nye County56,6719.06%18.2K3Nye County location
Elko County54,6071.76%17.2K3Elko County location
Douglas County49,428-0.2%71170Douglas County location
Churchill County25,8080.92%5K5Churchill County location
Humboldt County16,976-1.71%9.6K2Humboldt County location
White Pine County8,298-8.4%8.9K1White Pine County location
Pershing County6,278-5.12%6K1Pershing County location
Lander County5,7770.86%5.5K1Lander County location
Mineral County4,519-0.77%3.8K1Mineral County location
Lincoln County4,4640.43%10.6K0.42Lincoln County location
Storey County4,1891.97%26416Storey County location
Eureka County1,9716.43%4.2K0.47Eureka County location
Esmeralda County725-1.23%3.6K0.20Esmeralda County location

There are 17 counties in Nevada. In 2019, the most populous county in Nevada is Clark County, home of Las Vegas, with 2,231,647 residents. This represents population growth of 14.29% since the 2010 census. After Clark County is Washoe County (465,735) with the city of Reno, the only other Nevada county with more than 100,000 residents. Other major counties in Nevada include Lyon County (55,808), Carson City (55,414), Elko County (52,460), Douglas County (48,467), and Nye County (45,336). All of these counties experienced positive growth since the census led by Clark County at 14.29%.

Nevada Counties with Fewest Residents

All but two counties in Nevada have fewer than 60,000 residents. The least populated county in Nevada is Esmeralda County in the west with a population of 826 and no incorporated towns. Other small counties in Nevada include Eureka County (2,003), Storey County (4,029), Mineral County (4,514), Lincoln County (5,201), and Lander County (5,575). Of these counties, Esmeralda County experienced the most growth at 5.36% while Mineral County experienced the most decline, growing -5.68% since the census.

Nevada Counties with Rapid Growth

Clark County, Nevada experienced the most rapid growth in the state since the census, growing 14.29%. Other counties that have experienced rapid growth include Washoe County (10.37%), Lyon County (7.23%), Elko County (6.88%), and Esmeralda County (5.36%). The cunty with the most decline since the census is Mineral County (-5.68%) followed by White Pine County (-5.50%).

Population of Counties in Nevada (2024)

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