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Population of Counties in Vermont (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Chittenden County169,6050.72%537316Chittenden County location
Rutland County60,189-0.49%93165Rutland County location
Washington County60,1690.69%68788Washington County location
Windsor County58,0520.54%96960Windsor County location
Franklin County51,2692.44%63181Franklin County location
Windham County46,0330.38%78659Windham County location
Addison County37,8851.42%76649Addison County location
Bennington County37,023-0.75%67455Bennington County location
Caledonia County30,6331.49%64947Caledonia County location
Orange County30,0062.43%68744Orange County location
Orleans County27,4700.24%69540Orleans County location
Lamoille County26,0170.36%46156Lamoille County location
Grand Isle County7,4442.31%8291Grand Isle County location
Essex County6,0231.74%6629Essex County location

There are 14 counties in Vermont. The most populous county, and the only one with over 100,000 residents, is Chittenden County, which has a population of 164,572. Chittenden County is home to about 26.28% of Vermont’s population and has grown nearly 5% since 2010. Chittenden is also home to Burlington, the most populous city in Vermont. The second-most populous county in the state is Rutland County, home to 58,672 people, followed by Washington County, home to 58,140 people. Washington County is home to Montpelier, the capital city of Vermont.

Vermont Counties with the Fewest Residents

Of Vermont’s 14 counties, Essex County has the fewest residents with 6,250, making up about 1.00% of the state’s total population. This is followed by Grand Isle County, Vermont’s second-least populous county, with a population of 7,090. Grand Isle County comprises 1.13% of Vermont’s population. The third-least populous county in the state is Lamoille County with 25,300 people. Together, these states make up only 6.17% of Vermont’s total population.

Vermont Counties with Rapid Growth

Vermont’s most populous county, Chittenden County, has experienced the highest population growth since 2010 of 4.97%. This is followed by Franklin County with 3.36%, Lamoille County with 3.19%, and Grand Isle County with 2.04%.

Several states have seen a population decline since 2010. The most significant population decline was seen in Rutland County, whose population declined by 4.72%. Windham County and Bennington County both experience significant population decline as well of 3.93% and 3.92% respectively.

Population of Counties in Vermont (2024)

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