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Population of Counties in West Virginia (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Kanawha County173,746-3.6%348193Kanawha County location
Berkeley County135,50110.43%124422Berkeley County location
Monongalia County108,4582.4%139301Monongalia County location
Cabell County91,679-2.72%108326Cabell County location
Wood County82,716-1.69%142225Wood County location
Raleigh County71,911-3.34%234119Raleigh County location
Harrison County64,526-1.99%161155Harrison County location
Jefferson County60,5734.82%81290Jefferson County location
Mercer County57,502-3.39%162137Mercer County location
Putnam County56,861-1.01%134164Putnam County location
Marion County55,830-0.73%119181Marion County location
Ohio County40,925-3.34%41386Ohio County location
Fayette County38,756-4.14%25659Fayette County location
Wayne County37,392-3.81%19574Wayne County location
Preston County33,976-0.62%25152Preston County location
Greenbrier County31,923-2.95%39431Greenbrier County location
Logan County30,448-6.35%17567Logan County location
Marshall County29,143-4.43%11896Marshall County location
Hancock County28,036-3.45%32338Hancock County location
Jackson County27,519-0.74%17959Jackson County location
Randolph County27,148-2.67%40126Randolph County location
Mineral County26,832-0.21%12782Mineral County location
Mason County24,619-3.09%16657Mason County location
Nicholas County24,029-2.15%25037Nicholas County location
Hampshire County23,8413.2%24737Hampshire County location
Upshur County23,353-1.94%13766Upshur County location
Mingo County21,601-8.03%16351Mingo County location
Brooke County21,052-6.34%34237Brooke County location
Boone County20,245-6.89%19440Boone County location
Wyoming County19,982-6.28%19340Wyoming County location
Lincoln County19,551-3.99%16945Lincoln County location
Morgan County17,8634.54%8878Morgan County location
McDowell County17,072-9.84%20632McDowell County location
Taylor County16,366-1.95%6795Taylor County location
Lewis County16,326-4.08%14942Lewis County location
Barbour County15,365-0.66%13245Barbour County location
Hardy County14,3340.67%22525Hardy County location
Wetzel County13,786-4.3%13839Wetzel County location
Roane County13,653-2.39%18728Roane County location
Monroe County12,4420.47%18326Monroe County location
Braxton County12,154-1.97%19724Braxton County location
Summers County11,460-4.01%13932Summers County location
Grant County10,904-0.78%18423Grant County location
Ritchie County8,104-3.79%17418Ritchie County location
Webster County7,949-4.87%21314Webster County location
Tyler County7,748-6.55%9930Tyler County location
Pocahontas County7,733-1.62%3638Pocahontas County location
Clay County7,726-3.49%13223Clay County location
Doddridge County7,648-1.77%12424Doddridge County location
Pleasants County7,286-4.76%5056Pleasants County location
Gilmer County7,178-2.95%13121Gilmer County location
Tucker County6,588-2.36%16216Tucker County location
Pendleton County5,991-2.3%2699Pendleton County location
Calhoun County5,849-5.65%10821Calhoun County location
Wirt County4,908-5.4%9021Wirt County location
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There are 55 counties in West Virginia. West Virginia’s most populous county is Kanawha County, home of the city of Charleston, which has a 2019 population of 180,454. Since the last census was taken in 2010, Kanawha County has seen a loss in its total population with a negative -6.46% growth rate. Behind Kanawha County in terms of population are Berkeley County (117,132), Monongalia County (106,420), and Cabell County (93,224). Of these counties, Berkeley County had the highest growth rate of 11.97%.

West Virginia Counties with the Fewest Residents

The county in West Virginia that holds the lowest number of residents is Wirt County. Wirt County has a population of 5,830 which represents a growth rate of 1.82% since the 2010 census. Other small counties include Tucker County (6,955), Pendleton County (6,997), and Calhoun County (7,254). West Virginia has twelve counties under 10,000 residents and another 33 counties between 10,000 and 50,000 residents. Most of these small counties have lost residents since the census. Among counties under 10,000 people, Webster County (8,285) experienced the most dramatic decline with a -9.48% growth rate.

West Virginia Counties with Rapid Growth

The most rapid growth found in West Virginia comes from Berkeley County which, since 2010’s census, has seen an 11.97% increase in its population to 117,123 people in 2019. Other counties with rapid growth in West Virginia include Monongalia County (9.99%), Jefferson County (5.98%), and Doddridge County (2.54%). The county with the most dramatic decline is McDowell County which lost 17.54% of its residents since 2010 and now has a population of 18,223.

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