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Countries that Celebrate Semana Santa 2024

Semana Santa, also known as Holy Week, is a significant Catholic holiday celebrated globally, particularly in countries with a strong Catholic presence. It encompasses the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday leading up to Easter. Here's how various regions observe this sacred period:

  1. Spain: Celebrations are widespread in every township, village, and city, ranging from traditional to exuberant festivities.
  2. Mexico: Known for its unique observance, including a full reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus in the town of Via Dolorosa.
  1. Colombia: The celebration extends from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, with Good Friday and Maudy Tuesday (Mardi Gras) being the highlights.
  2. Venezuela: Features parades and walks through hometown streets.
  3. Bolivia (Copacabana): Attracts thousands of pilgrims, with a notable procession carrying a statue of Jesus.
  1. Ecuador (Quito): Includes possessions, parades, and music, with the Jesus of Great Power procession on Good Friday as a focal point.
  2. Paraguay (Tañarandy): Celebrated with a candle-lined procession through the village.
  3. Guatemala (Antigua): Renowned for its vibrant carpets, processions, floats, and food, making it one of Latin America's most notable Semana Santa celebrations.
  1. Brazil (Ouro Preto): Traditionally involves exchanging chocolate eggs containing toys and candy, along with colorful themed carpets and eight processions over the week.
  2. Mexico (San Miguel de Allende): The revered tradition begins two weeks before Easter and extends a week after, featuring a reenactment of the Last Supper.

These diverse celebrations of Semana Santa reflect a rich tapestry of cultural and religious practices, with each region bringing its unique customs and rituals to the forefront.