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Electricity Production by Country 2023

1. China

When it comes to electricity production by country 2022, China is the leading nation. It produces more than 7.5 petawatt hours of electricity every year. The main source of electricity in the country is coal, which contributes to 65% of electricity production in China. Natural gas, nuclear energy, and hydropower are other notable sources of electricity in the nation. A significant percentage of China's electricity is used in its industries and infrastructures as well as for individual consumption.

2. United States

The United States is the second-largest producer of electricity globally, with a production of 4.2 petawatt hours every year. The country uses various energy sources and technologies to generate electricity. Natural gas is the leading generator of electricity in the United States and accounts for 40% of the total national production. It is followed closely by coal, accounting for 19%, nuclear 20%, and renewable energy 20%. The renewable energy options include hydro, geothermal, and solar power.

3. India

India produces approximately 1.5 petawatt hours every year. Much of India's electricity is produced by fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Hydro plants and other renewable sources of energy are also widely used to generate electricity in India. Besides using electricity within its borders, India is a big exporter of electricity. Some of the countries India exports power to are Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Nepal. It exports more than five billion units of electricity to these neighboring nations every year.

4. Russia

Russia produces an average of 1.08 petawatt of electricity every fiscal year. Most of Russia's electricity comes from fossil fuels, including oil, natural gas, coal. Hydro, geothermal, wind, and solar energy are the renewable sources of energy used to generate electricity in Russia. The nation neither imports nor exports electricity. Electricity is widely used in the country to power industries, businesses, and households. Almost every area in the nation has access to electricity.

5. Japan

Japan generates approximately one petawatt hours every year. The island country is self-sufficient, meaning it can supply itself with the power it needs. Fossil fuels account for 70% of Japan's electricity generation, followed by coal, natural gas, and nuclear generation. Nevertheless, Japan's use of nuclear energy to generate electricity has reduced over the years after the Fukushima accident. Moreover, Japan uses hydropower and other non-renewable sources to generate electricity. It uses its electricity to power its industries and for small-scale consumption in businesses and households.

Which country produces the most electricity?

China produces the most electricity each year and is responsible for producing 7.5 petawatt hours on an annual basis.

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