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Most Developed Countries in Latin America 2024

Europe may boast many of the world's most-developed countries (ranked by Human Development Index), and plenty of countries from North America, Asia, and Oceania rank quite high as well. But Latin America is also progressing. While the region is historically known for its developing and underdeveloped countries, many other Latin American countries are boosting their HDI and striving to catch up to the rest of the world.

Costa Rica

Literally translating to "The Rich Coast", Costa Rica is one of the most developed countries in Latin America. Although it has had soviet and communist influences throughout its past, the enormous agricultural exports from Costa Rica have kept it afloat. It is one of the largest exporters of popular items such as coffee, pineapples, sugar, and bananas. The climate is extremely warm year-round due to its proximity to the equator. This has produced reliable growing and harvesting seasons for farmers in the country.

The stable government of Costa Rica has afforded a high education and literacy rate to its citizens, which is a rare occurrence in South America. Many regimes have changed hands over the years, with the most recent example being Venezuela, which has had its currency plummet to merely a few cents on the dollar.

Costa Rica, interestingly, has been gaining a lot of attention in a post-pandemic environment. Sometimes called a "second Switzerland", Costa Rica is a well-known country for maintaining its neutrality, evidenced by its refusal to take sides in the conflicts plaguing South America. Instead, it offers a haven for resolution and has been an attraction for North American ex-pats. The fair home prices and lower cost of living coupled with a safe regime have attracted wealthy entrepreneurs to inhabit the region.


Panama is an extremely small country with a population of less than some cities - 4 million. Panama was not on any global radar until 1914 when the Panama canal was built. Prior to building this important canal, ships had to circumvent the entire continent to reach Europe and Africa. Corporations decided that the land mass surrounding Panama could be cleared and connect the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, bolstering trade.

Because of this, Panama is considered the trade hub of international trade. Many residents speak many languages and it is not uncommon to hear polyglots. Despite its political turmoil, merchants have become increasingly wealthy from trade.


Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America and is also the largest country by land mass. It has a unique mixture of cultures and attracts many tourists throughout the years. The diverse population has given it a mosaic flavor, where people are not always judged by the color of their skin. Brazil has some of the lowest tolerance for racism, as it is extremely common to see an interfaith and multicultural family.

Although Brazil is a developing country, it has some of the continent's highest birth rates. The cultural festival brings travelers from across South America as well, due to it being the only Portugese-speaking country in this area. As such, many of the locals have also learned Spanish and English to communicate with trade partners, companies, and tourists. Brazil's culture, festivals, and cuisine bring many people from around the world, and the vibrant display of colors and Joie de Vivre makes it one of the most positive places on the planet. With a GDP of close to 2 trillion USD, the economy is extremely consistent as the climate stays around the same temperature year-round.

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HDI 2021
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Chile0.856Very High
Argentina0.844Very High
Uruguay0.814Very High

Which country in Latin America is the most developed?

Costa Rica is the most developed of the Latin American countries.

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