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Number of Heliports by Country 2024

The United States has the most helicopters in the world, and helicopters are vital in emergency responses throughout the country. Most hospital systems use a helicopter for emergency medical transport and thus have at least one heliport available in the system. The military also uses helicopters and has heliports to make them easier to use. Here is a closer look at the heliports found in the world. This large number of helicopters means the country also has a large number of heliports.

United States Leads the Way

By far, the most heliports globally are found in the United States, which as 5,664 heliports. Every major city in the country has at least one, and most have several and the military also operates multiple heliports to aid in their operations.

India Comes in Second

In India, 1,141 heliports are available to helicopter users, making it the second leading country for this metric. Helicopters in India are used to transport both people and cargo. They also are used for medical transportation, especially in large cities.

South Korea Heliports

South Korea is the third leading country with 510 heliports, which is significantly fewer than both India and the United States. The country's small size may be part of the reason for this smaller number. As the economy of South Korea continues to advance, the demand for helicopter transportation is also increasing, and from 2004 to 2006 alone, the number of heliports in the country more than doubled due to its economic success.

Hong Kong Heliports

Finally, Hong Kong offers heliports used by both internal and international transportation systems. Tourists can sometimes use helicopters to get around the country, and it is also used to transport locals around the nation. The cities of Sheung Wan and Chep Lak Tok are some of the most common to find heliports in throughout Hong Kong.

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Which country has the most number of helicopters?

The United States has the largest fleet of helicopters in the world.

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