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2016 Election Results by State

The 2016 presidential election in the United States resulted in Donald Trump being elected as the 45th President of the United States.

The United States uses the Electoral College, a process where the people vote to choose their electors, then a meeting of 538 electors takes place to vote for the presidential candidates, and then Congress counts the electoral votes. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. A state's number of electors is identical to the total number of its senators and representatives in Congress. Seven states and Washington D.C. have the minimum of three electors. California has the most electoral votes, with 55, followed by Texas with 38, and New York and Florida have 29 each.

When citizens head to the polls on Election Day, they vote for which candidate they want to win, typically either Democratic or Republican. Whichever party wins the vote in that state will have its electors sent to cast their votes for that candidate. In all states, except Maine and Nebraska, the party that wins the popular vote gets to send all of its electors to vote. Maine and Nebraska apportion two electoral votes to the winner, and the rest of the votes are given to the winner in each of the states' congressional districts. In 2016, the state with the highest percentage of Republican voters was West Virginia, with 68% voting Republican. The most Democratic state in the 2016 election was Washington D.C., which voted over 90% Democratic, followed by Hawaii, which voted 62.22% Democratic.

Donald Trump won the following states in 2016:

Hillary Clinton won the following states

Donald Trump received 62,980,160 popular votes and Hillary Clinton received 65,845,063. Trump won the 2016 election with 304 electoral votes over Hillary Clinton's 227 electoral votes.

2016 Election Results by State

Presidential Election - 2016

Donald Trump62.08%
Hillary Clinton34.36%
Donald Trump51.28%
Hillary Clinton36.55%
Donald Trump48.67%
Hillary Clinton45.13%
Donald Trump60.57%
Hillary Clinton33.65%
Donald Trump31.62%
Hillary Clinton61.73%
Donald Trump43.25%
Hillary Clinton48.16%
Donald Trump40.93%
Hillary Clinton54.57%
Donald Trump41.72%
Hillary Clinton53.09%
Donald Trump49.02%
Hillary Clinton47.82%
Donald Trump50.77%
Hillary Clinton45.64%
Donald Trump30.03%
Hillary Clinton62.22%
Donald Trump59.26%
Hillary Clinton27.49%
Donald Trump38.76%
Hillary Clinton55.83%
Donald Trump56.82%
Hillary Clinton37.91%
Donald Trump51.15%
Hillary Clinton41.74%
Donald Trump56.65%
Hillary Clinton36.05%
Donald Trump62.52%
Hillary Clinton32.68%
Donald Trump58.09%
Hillary Clinton38.45%
Donald Trump44.87%
Hillary Clinton47.83%
Donald Trump33.91%
Hillary Clinton60.33%
Donald Trump32.81%
Hillary Clinton60.01%
Donald Trump47.50%
Hillary Clinton47.27%
Donald Trump44.92%
Hillary Clinton46.44%
Donald Trump57.94%
Hillary Clinton40.11%
Donald Trump56.77%
Hillary Clinton38.14%
Donald Trump56.17%
Hillary Clinton35.75%
Donald Trump58.75%
Hillary Clinton33.70%
Donald Trump45.50%
Hillary Clinton47.92%
Donald Trump46.61%
Hillary Clinton46.98%
Donald Trump41.00%
Hillary Clinton54.99%
Donald Trump40.04%
Hillary Clinton48.26%
Donald Trump36.52%
Hillary Clinton59.01%
Donald Trump49.83%
Hillary Clinton46.17%
Donald Trump62.96%
Hillary Clinton27.23%
Donald Trump51.69%
Hillary Clinton43.56%
Donald Trump65.32%
Hillary Clinton28.93%
Donald Trump39.09%
Hillary Clinton50.07%
Donald Trump48.18%
Hillary Clinton47.46%
Donald Trump38.90%
Hillary Clinton54.41%
Donald Trump54.94%
Hillary Clinton40.67%
Donald Trump61.53%
Hillary Clinton31.74%
Donald Trump60.72%
Hillary Clinton34.72%
Donald Trump52.23%
Hillary Clinton43.24%
Donald Trump45.54%
Hillary Clinton27.46%
Donald Trump30.27%
Hillary Clinton56.68%
Donald Trump44.41%
Hillary Clinton49.73%
Donald Trump36.83%
Hillary Clinton52.54%
Donald Trump68.50%
Hillary Clinton26.43%
Donald Trump47.22%
Hillary Clinton46.45%
Donald Trump67.40%
Hillary Clinton21.63%

Last Updated: 2020-04-02

2016 Election Results by State


2016 Election Results by State

2016 Election Results by State