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Population of Counties in Arkansas (2023)

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There are 75 counties in Arkansas. The most populous county in the state of Arkansas is Pulaski County, with a population of 390,808. Pulaski County is also home to Little Rock, the most populous city in Arkansas, which comprises about half of the county’s total population. Pulaski County is currently experiencing a growth rate of -0.24% per year. The three next most populous counties in Arkansas are Benton County (221,339), Washington County (203,065), and Sebastian County (125,744).

Arkansas Countries with Fewest Residents

Of Arkansas’s 75 counties, 12 have less than 10,000 people. The least populated county in Arkansas is Calhoun County, home to 5,277 people, comprising about only 0.18% of the state’s total population. The population in Calhoun County is down 1.59% since the 2010 Census. Woodruff County has the second-smallest population of 6,490 people, down 10.47% since the 2010 Census. Other counties with fewer than 10,000 residents are Lafayette, Monroe, Dallas, Newton, Searcy, Cleveland, Prairie, Nevada, Lee, and Montgomery.

Arkansas Counties with Rapid Growth

The fastest-growing county in Arkansas is Benton County, where the population has grown 22.47% since 2010. Benton County is currently home to 272,608 people and comprises just over 95 of the state’s total population, making it the second-most populous county in Arkansas behind Pulaski County.

Washington County (16.15%), Saline County (12.79%), and Craighead County (12.21%) all also have double-digit growth rates.

On the other hand, many Arkansas counties have seen decreases in their population, several with double-digit population declines. Phillips County has seen a population decline at a rate of 16.83% since 2010, while Monroe County has seen a decline at a rate of 15.21%.

Population of Counties in Arkansas (2023)

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