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Population of Counties in South Dakota (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Minnehaha County210,0156.23%807260Minnehaha County location
Pennington County117,5007.24%2.8K42Pennington County location
Lincoln County75,45214.93%577131Lincoln County location
Brown County37,565-1.73%1.7K22Brown County location
Brookings County36,4696.19%79246Brookings County location
Meade County31,2064.37%3.5K9Meade County location
Codington County29,2063.02%68842Codington County location
Lawrence County28,86611.69%80036Lawrence County location
Yankton County23,6221.44%52145Yankton County location
Davison County19,937-0.1%43646Davison County location
Beadle County19,6942.76%1.3K16Beadle County location
Hughes County17,567-0.98%74224Hughes County location
Union County17,3032.63%46138Union County location
Clay County15,5613.74%41238Clay County location
Lake County11,1220.95%56320Lake County location
Butte County10,9366.25%2.3K5Butte County location
Roberts County10,2730.22%1.1K9Roberts County location
Charles Mix County9,248-1.28%1.1K8Charles Mix County location
Custer County9,21310.53%1.6K6Custer County location
Turner County9,1665.66%61715Turner County location
Todd County9,165-1.69%1.4K7Todd County location
Grant County7,6201.09%68111Grant County location
Hutchinson County7,4370.15%8139Hutchinson County location
Fall River County7,3896.01%1.7K4Fall River County location
Bon Homme County7,0661.38%56413Bon Homme County location
Moody County6,5182.89%51913Moody County location
Hamlin County6,5085.55%50713Hamlin County location
Spink County6,104-3.72%1.5K4Spink County location
McCook County5,8503.17%57410McCook County location
Tripp County5,6630.93%1.6K4Tripp County location
Day County5,427-0.31%1K5Day County location
Brule County5,3211.53%8177Brule County location
Dewey County5,2740.94%2.3K2Dewey County location
Kingsbury County5,2731.42%8326Kingsbury County location
Walworth County5,252-0.79%7077Walworth County location
Marshall County4,4172.53%8385Marshall County location
Deuel County4,3471.21%6237Deuel County location
Edmunds County4,0431.38%1.1K4Edmunds County location
Gregory County4,0370.85%1K4Gregory County location
Clark County3,9733.11%9584Clark County location
Corson County3,747-3.8%2.5K2Corson County location
Lyman County3,7050.03%1.6K2Lyman County location
Hanson County3,4630%4358Hanson County location
Bennett County3,277-3.28%1.2K3Bennett County location
Hand County3,102-1.21%1.4K2Hand County location
Stanley County3,0693.3%1.4K2Stanley County location
Douglas County2,8891.94%4327Douglas County location
Perkins County2,8590.6%2.9K1Perkins County location
Aurora County2,8022.45%7084Aurora County location
Jackson County2,720-2.82%1.9K1Jackson County location
Sanborn County2,3952.97%5694Sanborn County location
Potter County2,380-3.76%8613Potter County location
Miner County2,275-1.26%5704Miner County location
McPherson County2,272-5.41%1.1K2McPherson County location
Ziebach County2,250-6.05%2K1Ziebach County location
Faulk County2,1802.25%9822Faulk County location
Buffalo County1,914-1.29%4714Buffalo County location
Haakon County1,8680.11%1.8K1Haakon County location
Mellette County1,829-4.74%1.3K1Mellette County location
Jerauld County1,6580.61%5263Jerauld County location
Sully County1,5063.79%1K1Sully County location
Campbell County1,325-3.85%7342Campbell County location
Harding County1,3090.08%2.7K0.49Harding County location
Hyde County1,173-6.16%8611Hyde County location
Jones County835-9.83%9701Jones County location
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There are 65 counties in South Dakota. There are two counties in South Dakota with populations over 100,000. Minnehaha County, the most populous county in the state, has a population of 192,876 residents, about 21.86% of South Dakota’s population. The second-most populous county in South Dakota, Pennington County, has 111,729 residents, about 12.66% of the population. Lincoln County, located just below Minnehaha, has the third-highest population of 58,807.

South Dakota Counties with the Fewest Residents

Of South Dakota’s 66 counties, the one with the lowest population is Jones County, which has 628 residents. The population in Jones County only makes up 0.11% of South Dakota’s total population and has a population density of 0.96 persons per square kilometer. The second-least populous county in South Dakota is Harding County, which has 1,249 residents. Its population density is even less than Jones County at 0.47 persons per square kilometer. Following Harding County is Sully County with 1,392 residents. While Jones County has experienced a population loss of 8.21% since the 2010 Census, both Harding County and Sully County have experienced a small population growth of 0.24% and 1.09% respectively.

South Dakota Counties with Rapid Growth

Several counties in South Dakota have experienced relatively rapid population growth since 2010. Lincoln County has experienced the most significant growth of 30.14%, followed by Lake County with 15.76% and Minnehaha County with 13.49%. Other states with double-digit growth include Meade (11.01%), Pennington (10.36%), Marshall (10.12%), and Brookings (10.12%).

Several counties have experienced population loss since 2010. The counties that have experienced the most significant population loss are Hyde (9.85%), Jones (8.21%), Miner (6.78%), and Campbell (6.39%).

Population of Counties in South Dakota (2024)

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