Cities that Never Sleep 2024

New York Never Sleeps

New York is perhaps the most famous of all cities that never sleeps, and it’s not just the nickname. This is a city that has a subway system that will not ever close unless there is an extreme emergency. Many of its restaurants and bars are open 24 hours, and many retail stores are as well. Even at 2 a.m. you can catch the Staten Island Ferry if you really want to.

Not only is this a city that never sleeps, but it is known to be a city where you can get and do almost anything at any time of day. It’s one of the things that makes this city so special. Of course, there are things and areas to avoid in New York, but much of the city can be treasured at almost any time of day, whether you have slept or not.

Las Vegas and Lost Wages

The city of Las Vegas is famous for being a city that never sleeps because it has many of the most famous casinos in the United States. These casinos need to stay open 24 hours in order to keep the big wins afloat for the tourists and locals who frequent them every day, at all hours of the day.

Additionally, to complement a robust gambling world, the nightlife in Las Vegas is exciting and runs through the night and into the morning every day. Along with that, you will need dining and even some shopping to enjoy this exciting town. As one of the cities that never sleeps, Las Vegas is known to be a more visited tourist location than New York City in most years. It is also more affordable to visit than the Big Apple.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires in Argentina is considered one of the cities that never sleeps because it is another city like New York City and Las Vegas with a thriving nightlife and entertainment life. Buenos Aires has been made further famous in movies and songs for its live music, food, and its extravagant dancing festivals. It is also home to some of the best beaches in the world.

It is not uncommon to spend the day on the beaches of Buenos Aires, spend the afternoons in siesta or napping, and then the evenings enjoying the wild nightlife and exceptional food of the city. Buenos Aires will always be one of the cities that never sleep in the world, and there will always be an exciting tale to tell at the end of any stay here.