Most Isolated City in the World 2024

What Does It Mean for a City To Be Isolated?

There are plenty of times when we might feel it would be fun to simply get away from it all. The stress of dealing with an urban jungle, the crowded conditions, and the traffic can make it difficult for us to get on with our lives. On the other hand, there are still a few cities where this hasn't caught on, and those are isolated cities. There are a few cities in the world that are particularly isolated, meaning that they are far away from everything else and very challenging to get to. What are a few examples?

What Is the Most Isolated City in the World?

Without a doubt, the most isolated city in the world is Villa Las Estrellas, which is located in Antarctica. Antarctica is about as far away from civilization as anyone can get, and Villa Las Estrellas is technically a part of Chile, which is known for the Patagonia region. When taking a look at Villa Las Estrellas, it looks like a small town. There is only a population of about 200 people living there, clearly showing just how isolated it is. The population gets even lower during the winter, and the city turns into an abandoned town. While there are a few computers at the school, internet is otherwise nonexistent, further adding to the isolation of Villa Las Estrellas.

What Isolated City Would Be Fun To Visit?

Not all isolated cities are cold, as Funafuti is located in the tropics of the Pacific. If it wasn't for airplanes, nobody would visit the area, but Funafuti is a very fun place to explore. This is a city that is filled with gorgeous palm trees and rolling seas. The island looks like it is floating in the middle of the ocean, and the nearest populated island is more than 1,000 km away in Fiji. Fiji itself is also very remote. There are a few ways to get to Funafuti, including from New Zealand or Hawaii. There are a few hundred tourists that visit every year, but the city of Funafuti is still a very remote location. For some, it might be considered a tropical paradise.

Are Isolated Cities Safe To Go To?

In general, isolated cities are safe to visit; however, there are a few key points to keep in mind. It is important for people to make sure they think about crime rates, but the main concern in an isolated city is the availability of resources and emergency services. If a city is so isolated that it will be hard to find food, that is a major safety concern. Furthermore, if there is an emergency, is someone available to help? If you have a chronic medical condition, is there are a doctor who can help you in the event of an exacerbation? While isolated cities are certainly a fun way to disconnect, be sure to think about your safety.

Most Isolated City in the World 2024