Highest City in the World 2024

Which Countries Have the Most Cities at High Elevation?

There are some countries that have a lot of cities at high elevations. Then, there are other countries, such as island nations, that are generally at sea level. The two countries with the most cities at high elevations are China and Mexico. Mexico is known for having a lot of mountains, and China also has its fair share of mountain ranges, including the Himalayas. As a result, both of these countries have multiple major cities at very high elevations, but they do not have the highest city in the world.

What is the Highest City in the World?

The highest city with a significant metropolitan area is La Paz. It is located in Bolivia, and it serves as the capital of the country. It has a population of more than two million people, and it is located in South America. La Paz has an average elevation of more than 3,800 meters. For comparison, Mount Fuji, located in Japan, is just under 3,700 meters tall. Mount Hood, which is located in Oregon, is just over 3,400 meters tall. There are several other metropolitan cities that are also at very high elevations. For example, Quito, which is located in Ecuador, has an elevation of approximately 2800 meters. Some of the other cities that have made the list include Toluca, located in Mexico, and Bogota, located in Colombia.

Is Denver the Highest City in the United States?

When people think about cities in the United States with very high elevations, a lot of people think about Denver. After all, Denver is known as the mile-high city, and sports teams that come to play in Denver often have to contend with a ball that flies higher and farther. Even though Denver has a very high elevation, it does not have the highest elevation of any city in the United States. For example, Boulder, which is known as a major skiing destination, has an elevation that is slightly higher than that of Denver. Colorado Springs also has an elevation higher than Denver, as Colorado Springs sits approximately 6,000 feet above sea level. For comparison, Denver sits approximately 5,279 feet above sea level. It is possible that Denver is the highest major city in the United States.

Is It Safe to Live in a High City?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to live in a city that has a high elevation, but there are some significant changes to consider. For example, because you are living at a higher elevation, you will probably have more red blood cells in your body, as the oxygen is a bit thin. Therefore, it could make it more likely for you to suffer cardiovascular complications, but your body should adjust over time. If you are moving to a high elevation for the first time, it may take a while to adjust, as you might find that you are running out of breath more quickly than you might at a lower elevation.